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Should HR be a strategic partner for an organization’s survival?

We have a big disconnect today across the Talent Value Chain available and an Extremely Dynamic Business Landscape. An organization’s strategic goals along with a well-defined organizational structure are the starting point of the talent value chain. Like business strategy, talent strategy addresses the key challenges a company is facing and hence, necessitates a careful examination of business challenges and objectives. As we are ushering...
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Free Routing- A Breakthrough in Air Traffic Management System

The very thought of flying has been a fascination amongst mankind for centuries. The birth of airplanes brought about a revolution in the way people commuted, making what was once a myth, a reality. With time, came an increase in processes, requirements and standards, giving rise to the level of complexity in the industry that we now call “Aviation”. The drastic increase in air traffic over recent years brought no surprise to the forecast...
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Balanced Scorecard

Balanced Score Card, a major tool to upgrade the Auto dealer’s performance and profitability!!!

In today’s highly competitive auto market in India, most of the Global players have their presence. Every OEM want their dealers to improve their performance and grow every year and make adequate profits. Growth of the dealers means the OEM’s improve their market share and bottom line. Balanced Score Card (BSC) guides the dealers to achieve high productivity /efficiency, focus on the performance parameters and improve the customer...
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Payroll Australia

Payroll in Australia: An Introduction

Payroll in Australia: An Introduction A land of diversity, Australia is a country filled with natural resources and a booming trade economy. The rich and diverse spread of natural resources has helped build a thriving economy around Agriculture, Mining, Trading and Manufacturing. Having the ‘Big Four’ banks ranked among the ‘World’s 50 Safest Banks’ and a strong Services sector has added to Australia growing its economic...
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What seeps through the cracks…

Change, is a remarkable constant; and our ever evolving world is a marvelous testimony to it. We have come a long way; from cave paintings to optical systems; from horsebacks to jet planes. But then, there are those few things that are yet to change… Problem solving for instance! Elementary school or a multi-billion dollar business, the fundamental approach to solve any daunting problem is essentially the same: break it into manageable...
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Complex Business of Auto Dealers Management simplified using Ramco Dealer Management System

It is a myth that the car dealers earn very good margins in sale of cars/SUV. A car dealers’ gross margin comes from sales margin of car ( appx 2-3 % of car value ) and margins from other allied business like accessories sales, New Car Insurance and Insurance Renewal, Retail Finance, Extended Warranty, Loyalty Card among others. However the above gross margins after all the expense like manpower salary incentive, interest cost on inventory,...
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Fast Track your MRO Operations

“If you always do what you always did, you’ll always get what you always got” – Henry Ford In other words, when you are looking for a different outcome, think about what difference you can do by endorsing change. Often we think about the details, we look at the activity we are involved with and try to find a better way of being more efficient. An efficient business process can be achieved by an organization by endorsing...
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Barcoding in Maintenance : Coding for Better Productivity

Aircraft maintenance by the very nature of its complex execution process produces a series of records that provide important information about the actual maintenance process being carried out, the state of the aircraft, its various systems and components at various stages of execution and the actual task or activity that is currently being executed. This information needs to be processed, analyzed and interpreted to fully realize and improve...
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