Stop chasing the score

Stop chasing the score. It’s time you change the Game

All eyes and ears stood frozen on him. It was the penalty round. This way or that way, he debated in his mind. One wrong stroke would mean the next player will decide the fate. But one right stroke would mean his team would snatch the trophy, right there. As Joe Smith watched a nail-biting Football face-off, his brain forked into a play-off too. As the CIO of a leading IT Services company, he was torn in a tug-of-war for the last two days. He...
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ERP implementation blog

Why do some ERP Implementation Projects under-deliver value or fail ?

Over the past few years in ERP implementations across the Globe, I curiously browsed through a couple of case studies to understand why more than 50% of the ERP Projects either under-deliver value, take longer than expected or costs exceedingly more than the budget. I read articles on what makes ERP solution really successful and during the course of the study tried identifying what really causes projects to fail. By ducking each of these...
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Cut the crap! Talk sense

In our last blog we discussed about the importance of strategic HR and the need of HR getting the Board seat. Taking the discussion forward, if we look at the other Board seat holders, quite a few of them are measured one, on hard numbers such as Chief Executive Officer, Chief Sales Officer, Chief Financial officer and second, these numbers are judged by external stakeholders. For example, a CEO is rated on two parameters, one is top line growth...
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Are you shoehorning a generic ERP for your Services business?

Tailors are supposed to make any wrong size fit with needles, tucks, pins and scissors. But do you walk in a wrong size with as much confidence? IF someone forces us to define ERP in just one word, not an alphabet more – the word would surely be ‘performance’. Isn’t that their main job at the end of the day? Make a business perform, no matter what. But performances differ too. A ballerina uses her toes, a drummer uses his hands, an actor...
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Mobility- Access Anytime, Anywhere

Availability of information anywhere anytime is critical in today’s business environment where leaders are always looking to optimize performance of their resources to achieve the operational excellence. Mobility helps to multi-task and complete business priorities and deliverables on the go. Mobility is also about ease of user experience. The field workforce of today’s asset intensive industries like oil and gas, utilities, engineering...
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Quick and Intuitive Role Based Workspaces

Ramco EAM on Cloud offers role based WorkSpace for key user’s roles, including Maintenance Manager; Maintenance Planner & Scheduler thus revolutionizing the way a user leverages IT systems to accomplish day-to-day business transactions with few clicks from a single window. Ramco’s strategy is to cut the clutter and make users life simple with better performance and improved efficiency. EAM WorkSpaces provide a next-gen user experience...
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Leave No Tool Behind!

“When you’re working on a plane, fix it to the degree you would if the most important person in your life is flying on it next.” This is one of the quotes which always remain in the minds of aircraft maintenance engineers and mechanics while performing daily maintenance tasks. Aircraft maintenance is perhaps one of the most important elements of aviation industry, constituting around 25% of the operating cost annually. The pressure of...
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Smart Stock Replenishment-770 x 385

How Smart Stock Replenishment can enhance the efficiency of Aircraft Operators???

Aviation industry being extremely capital-intensive, investment in inventory makes up for nearly one third of the capital of many aircraft operators. This makes the Stock Management process a sure opportunity area for enhanced competence and paybacks. Even a nominal decrease in inventory spending would lead to huge boost in unlocking capital. At the same time, aircraft operators have to grapple with ever-changing business scenarios to keep their...
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