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Ask Mary, the HR SPOC, about why she trusts Ramco HCM

Meet Mary Ann, the HR SPOC of a large MNC. Mary has an emergency at hand. She desperately needs to deliver a few last-minute inputs to the payroll processing team. Time is of essence, as she needs to get the details across before the payroll team’s deadline, with no loss of data. What are the traditional options Mary has; why are they risky? How does Ramco HCM come to her rescue with a simple, yet effective, solution? Can just a click...
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End of one-child policy in China and its effect on HR in the organizations

In a historic move, the Chinese government passed a legislation effectively ending the one-child policy that drastically influenced China’s demographic framework for over 35 years. In a crucial attempt to resolve the looming crisis of economic imbalance and the alarmingly increasing rate of the aging population, the government in January 2016 formally approved the amendment that allows couples in China to now have up to two children in...
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Where every minute Counts: Bots for AOG Recovery

AOG events are straight forward, you can’t plan for the event and it is here to stay. Best is to plan for response. As AOG motto of united Airlines states ‘Five minutes makes the difference’ response needed is within minutes. Airlines’ AOG desk role is significant in the recovery. AOG which is primarily a maintenance event also triggers the cascading supply chain events such as sourcing, logistics, payments & even reverse logistics...
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Social Selling Part 2

A Giant Leap from Direct Sales to Social Selling – Part 2

STONE AGE to DIGITAL AGE – Social Selling – With a Selling HERO In furtherance to my previous blog post on ‘A Giant Leap from Direct Sales to Social Selling’, here is a sequel on TIPS to be a strong social selling organization. In social selling, the emphasis is on “social” – relationship building and connecting with potential buyers before moving on to any sales-related interaction. Gone are the days of “cold...
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A Giant Leap from Direct Sales to Social Selling – Part 1

“Buying and selling is essentially antisocial” –Edward Bellamy These paradoxical, yet interesting, words from the American author and socialist are gradually gaining grounds in today’s world – direct, aggressive selling is indeed becoming antisocial. The traditional sales process has come a long way from door-to-door sales and cold calls to email marketing and the latest buzzword, is social selling. Most of the milestones...
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#LifeAtRamco Bloggers Meet On 29th April, Chennai

Innovation is our DNA. And this runs across not just our products but all across the organization. At Ramco, we carry this innovative streak when it comes to managing our employees too, because we believe that employees build better brands. With an intent to thrive some of the best talents, and create an environment where high achieving creative thinkers would want to work, Ramco’s cool culture has been fostering work around life, rather than...
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Streamline your Shop Execution

Streamline your Shop Execution – Part 2

Airline operators rely on a vast, global, and ever-growing network of maintenance repair & overhaul organizations to keep their fleets operating safely and cost-effectively. The responsibility of striking the optimum balance between minimizing operating costs, maximizing fleet availability and assuring regulatory compliance is now shared by these organizations along with the airlines. MRO’s are under pressure to find innovative ways to...
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Rise of the Puma Empire

Agility and adaptability defining perennial success for today’s organizations It is not the strongest species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the ones most responsive to change. Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution can well be coined in the business scenario as the “theory of staying great forever”.   Reports indicate that only less than 20% of the Fortune 500 companies of 1955 exist today. The rest faded...
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