Ramco Plans Rights Issue

    Ramco Systems is on the verge of announcing a rights issue, the proceeds of which will be utilised to promote our cloud products in the global market. The issue, now in the final stages of approval from the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI), is expected to raise Rs. 40 crores.

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    World SME Conference 2011 - Transforming family business

    Admin Kripaa No Comments Mar 30,2011 Events

    The past few years have witnessed an increased awareness of the issues concerning the MSMEs and their ecosystem. Problems related to finance, HR, IT, marketing, R&D, etc. are well known now but yet solutions to them have been elusive.

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    Cloud Computing is the order of the day!

    Cloud computing is a promising trend and at Ramco Systems, we will continue to focus on growing our cloud-based offerings and on strengthening our analytics offerings in the market by highlighting our unique value proposition.

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    Ramco CKO to speak at the World SME Conference 2011

    “The most anticipated Event among MSME Ecosystem is here again!!!”

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    Ramco leads the way in Aviation M&E and MRO

    At Ramco, we strive to make excellence a habit. Our Maintenance and Engineering solution is one of its kind in the world which covers complete end-to-end functionality, beyond maintenance and engineering and Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul (MRO). It offers comprehensive back-office functions like Finance, HR, Payroll apart from allied solutions like e-pubs (for document management), Electronic Flight Bag and e-procurement.

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    ERP Know More - Migrating from disparate software to ERP

    Augmenting our previous post in the ERP Know More series, our second post intends to help businesses understand the issues that may emerge while migrating from disparate software solutions to ERP and enlists the best ways to ensure smooth migration.

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    ERP Know More - New shoes bite, so does a new ERP system

    The first blog post in the ERP Know More series is intended to explore issues that invariably crop up during the early ERP implementation phase. And what’s more, we recommend some smart ways to handle it!

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    CEO Speak - Encouraging R&D Culture

    R&D is the key to innovation and this has always been at the heart of Ramco. Did you know that we are the third largest R&D investor in the total IT R&D spend in the country?

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    Ramco OnDemand Cluster Series

    RODE 2.0 is the latest on our palette! Ramco Systems has been organizing a series of events as part of Cluster Series, to promote the planet's most powerful ERP on the cloud - Ramco OnDemand ERP 2.0 (RODE).

    The first of these series of events for this year kickstarted in Chennai on the 18th of February where invitations were extended to potential users for ERP. Experts from Ramco Systems explained the benefits of managing all important processes using one powerful and reliable integrated...

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    Ramco at Information Technology 2011 - Cloud Computing and Inclusive Growth

    Indian Merchants' Chamber organized a Conference on “Fostering Inclusive Growth through IT” on Friday, March 11, as part of Information Technology 2011, at Mumbai. Being a pioneer in providing ERP on the cloud, Ramco made its presence felt as Mr. Durai Rajasekar, Executive Vice President, Analytics & RODE, was one of the distinguished host of speakers at the session on "How Cloud Computing can help drive Inclusive Growth". DR, as we fondly refer to him, has been instrumental in spearheading the

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    Why SMEs are wary of ERP solutions?

    The primary aim of an Enterprise Resource Planning system is to integrate the functions & processes of an entire organization into one single framework. If done successfully, all verticals of the organization come within a single structure and work in a seamless fashion. This leads to better communication among verticals, increased information processing efficiency & better customer relationship management. But if an ERP implementation goes wrong, it may lead to disruptive organizational...

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    ERP: Imperative in Hospitality

    It is a sedentary life that most of us lead and often the urge to escape from the monotony becomes imperative. We google a convenient place and pack our bags for the much deserved and thought about trip. The options are limitless, we demand everything from the tiny flee, and the industry is huge.

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    The Post Recession Antidote

    As the destructive wave of the 2009 recession ran its course over us, it left behind some palpable changes. The need to ‘normalize and optimize’ the budgeting and planning of the organization, post the downturn came to be of utmost importance and the CFO’s role came into the spotlight.

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    How does an ERP System help Trading Companies?

    When you walk into the neighborhood retail hypermarket, have you ever imagined how the entire operation works? How is it that the store manager is able to keep a track of inventories that are flying of the shelves and those which are not selling? How it is that retail stores across can reach out to warehouses in time such that they can deal with sudden demands? It all requires not only a robust supply chain eco-system but also technology on a dashboard which gives you a perfect picture of your...

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    The Idiot's Guide to White Paper Writing

    White paper? Huh? What’s THAT? For those of you who’ve never written a white paper, the cluelessness you experience will be overwhelming. But hey, that’s ok! Remember how absolutely clueless you felt when you first got started on your ABCs, how you struggled to remember what (a+b)^2 was?

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    How about a technology that helps us improve?

    Technology has done wonders-- it has made us cut down time, save cost, increase productivity with quality, manage systems, collaborate our resources for a unified cause and so on. But can it help us improve our existing processes and contribute to the holistic growth of the organization?

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    Distribution process will speed-up

    Admin Kripaa No Comments Mar 01,2011 On-premise ERP

    Having seen the manufacturing and trading industry smartly implementing and reaping the benefits of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solutions, the near future will see the distribution sector using these sophisticated applications.

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