Corporate Style - 10 Questions to ask yourself

    Admin Kripaa No Comments Apr 29,2011 Best Practices

    If you switch from a legacy system to an ERP system, choosing one from a list of ERP vendors is definitely a difficult exercise especially considering that the move is a giant leap and requires patience and understanding! But before that, here are some questions you need to ask about the corporate style of your company. Precisely, these questions can help you evaluate your company’s corporate style. And believe us, it IS important!

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    ERP Know More - Extendable ERP for Effectiveness

    Ramco offers ERP extendibility through its Extension Development Kit (EDK). Ramco’s Extension Tools are an integral part of Ramco OnDemand ERP. They encompass the methodology, configuration settings, and documentation that enable you to quickly evaluate, implement, and deploy best business practices for both industry-specific and general activities. These tools include the EDK, which is pivotal in the effective functioning of a successful ERP application.

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    Moving On a Cloud ERP

    Our ERP on the Cloud is soaring high again!

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    Happily Ever After - A Fire Fighter’s Formula For Success

    Excellence is a way of life. And yet again, we have a customer to whom we have we made a difference!

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    Ramco Systems CEO among Top 10 SME Entrepreneurs

    Mr. P. R. Venketrama Raja, Vice-Chairman, MD & CEO of Ramco Systems has been featured among the Top 10 SME Entrepreneurs in the March 2011 issue of SME Channels. Ramco Systems has been ranked 54th in the top R&D spenders in India and the largest in terms of sales to R&D spend among IT companies in the country.

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    Why go the SaaS Route?

    Organizations irrespective of their size need to use IT solutions to enhance efficiency and productivity, reduce cost, and improve customer satisfaction. Better use of Information Technology also helps some organizations to be more competitive compared to their peers. While there is consensus on the benefits of IT, there are major challenges faced by small and mid-sized firms in adoption of IT solutions. One or more of the below mentioned situations necessitate opting for a SaaS IT solution in...

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    Evolving Trends - Incorporating ERP and SOA

    Admin Kripaa No Comments Apr 19,2011 Latest Trends, Technology, Others

    Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Business Process Management (BPM), Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) – these are all different ways companies try to leverage technology for competitive business advantage. They help in transforming your organization by reducing costs, streamlining operations and increasing revenue.

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    Happily Ever After - Talent Really Helps!

    In any business set-up, knowledge is power and timeliness everything! Knowing the right things at the right time and having the right things exactly when they are needed can move a business forward. On the other hand, a lapse of information can break the entire system, leading to chaos, frayed nerves and an unsavoury business reputation. So found Real Talent Engineering (RTE), an ancillary of Brakes India Ltd.

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    Happily Ever After - Our Customer's story!

    Admin Kripaa No Comments Apr 18,2011 Others

    As they say, Customer is God. Through this series of blog posts, we share with you the experiences of our customer working with us and our experience with them. We bring to you cases where the salient features of our solutions have helped us and our customer grow together. Watch our blog for more!

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    Flying higher! - Ramco launches SaaS ERP for Aviation Manufacturing at Miami MRO

    Ramco Systems has a new feather in its cap as it just launched its Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) ERP offering for the Aviation, Aerospace and Defense industry.

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    Brace yourself before you move into the Cloud

    There is no virtual limit to cloud computing and it can be customized to fit an organization’s needs provided there is an experienced, knowledgeable and trustworthy service provider. Here are some concerns to be addressed when we think about moving to the cloud.

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    ERP Know More - ERP Business Applications and all that jazz!

    Process-model based, configurable applications based on Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) are the next big trend for ERP business applications. The key factor here is the adoption of component-based business applications (Object model), which are oriented towards service architecture and native web services, and the shift of focus from the familiar pillars of enterprise applications (financials, SCM, CRM, HCM, PLM, Procurement etc) to end-to-end business processes.

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    Ramco's Solution helps TVS Logistics grow Phenomenally

    For Ramco, it’s time for a pat on the back! The Hindu Business Line - eWorld has published an article today on how Ramco’s solution has helped TVS Logistics grow three-fold in just five years!

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    ERP Know More - Is Your ERP System Turning Out To Be A White Elephant?

    The third post in this series is an honest, no-frills-attached exposition on maintaining an ERP system. There is no simple or linear explanation to the perception that maintaining an ERP system is a costly affair. This is because the cost of maintaining an ERP is a complex function of many variables. Other than the annual maintenance costs paid to the vendors, the organization needs to evaluate the cost of IT infrastructure it requires to keep the ERP running like a smooth and well-oiled...

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