Gateway to Enterprise-Class Software - Ramco OnDemand Gateway Products

    Ramco OnDemand Gateway Products enable customers to quickly and easily adopt business applications, and then graduate to a full-fledged ERP. Gateway products offer a fusion of transaction and decision support systems (i.e. ERP with self-contained Analytics), thereby supporting both operations and decision-making. To make the functionality of Ramco OnDemand Gateway Products easier to understand, below are some FAQs with specific details.

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    Analytics Made Easy - The Wonder of Business Intelligence

    Ramco Banking Analytics, a pre-built BI and Performance Management application is a ready fit for the needs for banks today, in terms of the functionality. The tool offers wide-spread analysis across all its business lines while adhering to the time span usually desired for implementation.

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    Happily Ever After - Finding the Best Better-Half!

    In the previous post, we described the problems that Sujana Metal Products Limited (SMPL) was facing before they had an ERP system in place. Going into details on how they found ways to deal with their requirements, Mr.Manivannan Anandan, VP, Operations says “SMPL analyzed several solutions focusing on each solution’s pros and cons. Comparative study on the list of requirements against each of the solutions at hand was done. Ramco seemed to provide the perfect fit and initially decided to go...

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    Happily Ever After - RODE helps Sujana in its ‘steely’ resolve to be among the best!

    If you’ve ever run shoulder to shoulder in a race, you’ll know just how important the little details are. All too often, the line between the good, better and best is very, very thin. Join Sujana Metal Products Limited (SMPL) in its quest to find out what sets the ‘best’ player a cut above the rest.

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    Time Criticality

    Gordon Gecko (in Wall Street II) comes out of jail (after serving a 20 year term for crimes) and says that most valuable lesson he learnt, while in jail was the importance of time. He says that time and not money is the most important in life. This must be contrasted with his earlier allusion to information being most important and it was the application of this “information” at the wrong time that sent him to jail! This is in the tinsel world.

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    ERP Know More - Optimizing Cloud-based ERP Deployments

    From our Ramco OnDemand ERP experience, here are some insightful thoughts we have for you. There are several factors that an organization can take into consideration for optimizing its cloud-based ERP deployments.

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    Setting our Sights Towards the Right Direction

    Admin Kripaa No Comments Jun 22,2011 White Papers, Events

    The Watts S. Humphrey Award re-affirms the importance that we at Ramco Systems, give to Quality and Process and the assurance can’t have come at a better time than this! The June 12, 2011 issue of Business India featured an article on our COO Mr. Kamesh Ramamoorthy who says that the award reinforces our conviction, our focus on improvisation and our belief that innovation is vital.

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    Self-Service is the Order of the Day!

    Well, you read right, it indeed is, atleast when it comes to ERP! One of the major bottlenecks which customers face with an ERP is the long implementation time. Precious time is wasted in getting things right the first time and then testing the same and then in settling down after that.

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    Introducing Ramco OnDemand Analytics and Gateway Products on the Cloud

    A lot of technological development is happening around the world and every day the cloud is growing more potent. The demand for cloud products is at an all-time high! Ramco Systems just launched Ramco OnDemand Analytics and Gateway Products on the cloud that help customers get a feel of having a cloud-based ERP to handle their business smoothly.

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    The Cloud Comes Nearer to You with the All-New Ramco OnDemand Analytics and Gateway Products

    With the launch of Ramco’s Analytics and Gateway Products on the Cloud, Ramco Systems has yet again established its dominance over cloud-based ERP players in India. The launch took place at the Park Sheraton Hotel and Towers, Chennai attended by numerous media personnel, customers patronizing Ramco OnDemand ERP and Ramco's top management.

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    Revolutionizing the Cloud with Greater Power - Ramco OnDemand Analytics and Gateway Products on the Cloud

    Today, the cloud has become increasingly popular and users have begun to realize its true potential. With renewed vigour to tackle the increasing demand for cloud-based offerings and keeping in mind customers’ requirements that evolve with time and technology, Ramco Systems announces the launch of Ramco OnDemand Analytics and Gateway Products on the Cloud.

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    Business Intelligence - How Do We Achieve Strategic Alignment?

    As data warehousing matured in the 1990s, a considerable body of expertise developed around the task of aligning the use of Business Intelligence with organizational strategies. Steve and Nancy Williams from Decision Path Consulting explain that essentially, the alignment process is a matter of four activities:

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    The Ramco Group - Celebrating 75 Years of Excellence

    Mr. P R Ramasubrahmaneya Rajha, Chairman of the Ramco group and Ramco Systems shares some words of wisdom about business and the company's road to success, in the weekend issue of The Hindu, Tamil Nadu edition.

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    6 Reasons for You to Embrace the Cloud

    In an article on how the cloud is set to change business ecosystems, Onkar Sharma, talks about different aspects of the cloud, the types of deployment models, implementation challenges commonly faces and how organizations are embracing the cloud. Some of the reasons why we see rapid change in the business ecosystem because of the cloud, he says, are as below.

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    Happily Ever After - ERP on the Cloud Helps Remove Cloudy Vision

    Yes. Ironical as it may sound, deploying our SaaS-based ERP on the cloud Ramco OnDemand ERP (RODE) helped Education service provider SIP Academy India Pvt. Ltd. drastically improve operational visibility.

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    Happily Ever After - RODE helps F&B Company Have the Cake and Eat it too

    Yet another happy customer story has appeared in print! This time the customer is Great Food and Beverages (GFB) for whom Ramco offered its expertise in the form of RODE to increase productivity. And as they say, the rest is history…

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    10 Critical Requirements for Cloud Applications

    In the enterprise software industry’s rush to fulfill rising demand, some providers may skip requirements that are critical to delivering the true benefits of cloud applications. Industry pioneers for cloud applications that use the software-as-a-service (SaaS) delivery model know shortcuts don’t exist. Applications, architectures, and processes must be built from the ground up to produce superior, modern alternatives to the traditional on-premise software and maintenance model.

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    Cloud Computing and the Service Provider Ecosystem

    Admin Kripaa No Comments Jun 06,2011 Cloud Technology & ERP

    Despite the advancements in technologies and the increasing sophistication of public cloud–based services, for a service provider to deliver a holistic offering that will entirely address all of these concerns is no mean task. End-user concern will be addressed and alleviated only within a collaborative ecosystem. With service providers on the back end of the ecosystem, such as infrastructure providers offering compute and storage as a service, a framework of partnership is developing to bridge...

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    Being in the Right Place at the Right Time

    We have already discussed about the increasing popularity of ERP implementations in the SME sector and why organizations should take the SaaS route. One of the reasons for a growing SaaS-based ERP market is the fast paced growth of the SME market itself. Since 2003-04, the number of SMEs has grown 25% to 139 million enterprises.

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    Of Books and Numbers

    Admin Kripaa No Comments Jun 02,2011 Others

    Books are tools we can use to amass a huge amount of knowledge that no can source can equal.

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    Ramco OnDemand ERP - On the SaaS Route to Success

    SaaS based ERP market in India is about 7 million USD (2.2 % of the overall 310 million USD ERP market in India) – based on the survey done by Business world SME White book 2010-2011. The market for Cloud computing is growing very aggressively. According to the survey done by Panorama Consulting Group, just 6% of organizations implementing ERP were deploying SaaS options in 2009. However, this number nearly tripled to 17% in 2010. In addition to the 17% that deployed SaaS solutions, another 24%...

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