Transformational Leadership - Key to Business Excellence

    A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. So goes the saying. However for any organization aiming for business excellence that “single step” can prove to be very crucial. Going by the verdict of experts, transformational leadership can be that important “single step”, the lynchpin that helps the entire team stay positive throughout the journey and guides them towards specific goals in a consistent manner.

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    Analyze your communication efficacy with the Johari Window

    Admin Kripaa No Comments Dec 23,2011 Latest Trends, Technology

    In a time when correspondence between two humans is via a computer, the need for an organization to remain open, transparent and honest is constant. In the course of their online communications, organizations have learnt to be polite and friendly but at times when things go wrong, it is natural to develop what is known as the blame culture.

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    Nailing the process of effective Enterprise Project Management (EPM)

    At any given time, a typical enterprise will have anywhere between two to five projects on the floor. Nowhere is this more apparent than in an enterprise that is committed to continuous improvement.

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    Big Data technologies - a quick way to get through more

    Intimidating or not, Big Data is a natural result of our collective obsession with technology. Put simply, it is a reference to mountainous volumes of data that can be amassed by companies or even individuals for that matter. Around a decade ago, it was only the scientific community that actually had what took to wade through reams of data. Today, the need for this kind of diligence is something that is faced by almost every stream.

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    Smart Shopping Cart !

    Admin Kripaa No Comments Dec 19,2011 Latest Trends, Technology

    The shopping cart made its debut in an Oklahoma City supermarket chain called Piggly Wiggly. It was a simple metal frame with wheels holding two baskets - one above the other. This helped one carry lot of groceries and household items at one go.

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    Smart Apps for Smart Timing

    Admin Kripaa No Comments Dec 15,2011 Latest Trends, Technology

    Time is money - this holds true for most businesses across the world. Especially for small businesses on the hustle, it is not only important to manage time properly, but also to keep track of the productivity of employees in an accurate manner. This helps log all actions and keep employees accountable.

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    5 Ways to be an Online Thought Leader

    Being a thought leader in the industry ensures good exposure and quality clients to develop lucrative and long term business relationships. Small businesses are maturing day-by-day and have slowly started sharing their experiences and expertise within the industry segments they operate in. Few of them have been successful in converting their expertise into a separate revenue stream.

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    10 Facts That Prove Cloud Computing is Here to Stay

    Cloud computing continues to stay stronger in 2013 and many more years to come. Click here to know why!

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    ERM Made Simple

    Equipment rental business spans from shop floor tools, machinery, cranes, lifts to heavy construction equipment, vehicles, testing meters etc. Companies were utilizing specific rental management software to manage rentals, financials, service automation, CRM and reporting functionality. These solutions were only able to automate and address individual verticals like rentals, maintenance or distribution. This has forced organizations to implement these narrowly focused solutions and integrate...

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    The Importance of Business Continuity Management

    Mature businesses around the world have a continuity plan – a systematic list of processes that help restore business quickly when there is disruption in the production line. Some of the businesses have the capacity to switch production to other locations and the employees are well aware of the contingency plans.

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    The Zettabyte Era

    Admin Kripaa No Comments Dec 07,2011 Latest Trends, Technology

    Till 2005, peer-to-peer file sharing was prevalent all over the Internet. Sharing of hefty files dominated the Internet traffic. Post 2005, with the advent of cloud based services, the internet traffic was towards the data centers as more and more users adapted these cloud services. It is cost effective, efficient and resources can be accessed through thin clients, thus making it the favorite choice for internet users.

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    ERP Implementation is not yet another IT Project

    When a company decides to implement ERP, most of the employees relate it to a class of software designed to integrate all the activities that are currently being carried out. It is true to an extent and ERP implementation eliminates incompatible and duplicate technology that costs additional expenses to the company.

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    Benefits of ERP for Steel Industry

    A whopping 1413 million metric tonnes (mmt) of crude steel has been produced in the world in 2010. The steel industry enjoys terrific growth due to raising infrastructure development projects across the globe. Along with the increasing demand, the operational and maintenance expenses have also increased over the past two decades due to instability in dollar value, shortage of skilled manpower and increasing cost of raw materials. As a result, major steel corporations are shifting their plants...

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    6 myths about ERP

    Even in this decade of automation, there are so many misconceptions about the concept, infrastructure and implementation of ERP solutions. Thanks to these wrong notions, there seems to exist, a sense of reluctance among users to adapt to ERP. Here we are, with 6 of the most popular ERP myths demystified!

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    6 ways to embrace the Cloud - What is your choice?

    Cloud computing helps businesses improve the IT capacity or functionality without the need to spend on additional resources. Though the services adapted by businesses vary according to their needs, here are six basic services that are being offered by service providers.

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