The need for speed like never before

    Before we get into the need for speed in modern day organizations, here are a few very interesting facts to get you thinking in the right direction!

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    The opinion of all matters

    When working in a group on something highly sophisticated, you are often putting several minds together and coming up with solutions. It is easy for the solution to get a bit complicated in the process. Decision analysis is a technique to assist a team or a group, determine the accuracy of a course of action. While analyzing the choice, the team considers the objectives, analyzes the alternative solutions and perceived risks. Organizations use decision analysis while deciding which solution...

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    Narrowing on the reasons for creation of dirty data

    Gathering necessary data is a crucial part in problem-solving and in project management. This helps managers in two ways –

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    ERP data: Handling it the right way

    ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning is all about handling multitudes of data that ensures a company works smoothly. While the basics of ERP often revolve around finance, human resources and other company assets, there are several processes for building relevant features in an ERP package specific to a company’s requirement. Of these processes - managing the data involved is also very important.

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    Taking a fresh look at Business Processes

    In the beginning, any organization comes up with a set of business processes that ensures they stick to the right path and achieve their goals. As the company matures and expands, these business processes will have to be altered to suit current day needs of the business.

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    Doubting the cloud? Let's remedy that

    By now, everyone worth their salt in the IT business knows that the cloud is the way forward. All the hype accorded to cloud computing back in 2010 gradually turned to reality in 2011.

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    Business Intelligence - Big Guns for everyone

    Every organization big or small would like to do everything in its power to improve on current position. This would mean a great deal of data collection and analysis. While there may have been a time when this was possible manually, today, with the amount of data generated in a single day, what has become extremely necessary is Business Intelligence (BI) software.

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    Keeping IT safe and sound !

    Admin Kripaa No Comments Jan 18,2012 Technology

    As the online security protocol of every company constantly evolves, hackers have proven time and again that they are always one step ahead. In the recent past, Sony, Citigroup, NASA, Fox broadcast network, FBI, European space agency and PBS have been some of the notable victims of massive security breaches in 2011.

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    Better ROIs with Predictive Analytics

    Wading through loads of data trying to come with an analysis on possible risks and opportunities for a particular business can be a mind numbing task. This is especially when the amount of data one refers to runs into hundreds and thousands of pieces. Predictive analytics is the process of creating sophisticated mathematical models that can be used as a basis for predictions. Countless pieces of data related to individuals feed this model. The richer the data fed into the model, the better the...

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    The IT department undergoes a makeover

    There used to be a time when the IT department in most organizations referred to one person who would go around fixing computers and ensuring that each person’s desktops were in tip top shape. As the scope of start-up companies began to grow, the need for a specialized IT department became all the more important. Along with that the formidable costs of setting up and sustaining such a specialized group became the bane of most new companies.

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    Top Tech investments 2011 - Cloud computing / Virtualization

    Was concept of cloud computing the next big thing? It was something IT wizards kept wondering, when it quite literally was! A Research report by Aberdeen group on “Observations, Trends and Performance of SaaS and Cloud ERP in 2011 stated that cloud computing and virtualization was on top, in the list of technology investments in 2011 according to prediction by international experts.

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    SaaS has benefits for the service provider too

    In the first part of this series on Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), it has been made abundantly clear that those with small businesses will benefit a great deal from this. There is another aspect to this and that is from the perspective of the service provider.

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    SaaS - benefitting the end-user like never before

    The concept of Information Technology revolves around the premise of doing something perfectly and doing it fast. For every software that is created, the way it is deployed is of utmost importance. Considering the dynamism associated with the IT world, one has a new buzzword to talk about almost every week. The latest is Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). Targeted especially at small and mid-sized companies, here is one concept that brings with it a host of benefits.

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    The right way to ERP Implementation

    On-demand ERP and On-Site ERP are essentially similar services with a few fundamental differences. Before one can get into their implementation, understanding them would be ideal. On-demand ERP is much like a Google document. You will need a user login and password to get your own document and then you are good to go. You will be able to make use of the entire Microsoft package. On-site ERP is like having Microsoft Office on your computer. One will need an installation disk as well as...

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    Setting Your Own Safety Parameters

    Admin Kripaa No Comments Jan 06,2012 Latest Trends

    Every time you go online there is always someone or something lurking around virtually, just waiting to attack your computer. Web attacks like phishing, malicious code, malwares etc are something every netizen is prone to no matter what your network security level is. For that matter, even with the latest spyware and anti-virus program installed in your machine, you are always susceptible to cyber attacks. In fact, the security breaches in Sony’s PlayStation Network and Sony Online...

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    5 Critical Steps to Effective Capacity Planning for Virtual Environments

    Admin Kripaa No Comments Jan 05,2012 Latest Trends, Technology

    Before virtualization took over, capacity planning was one of those boring tasks that IT management departments used to take on once or maybe twice a year. But now that virtualization is here to stay, the job of making provision for virtual machines on physical servers is proving to be a humungous task and quite a challenge for companies. In fact being able to manage capacity planning for enterprises seems to be the one obstacle that prevents the complete virtualization of company machines....

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    Management System Simulation

    Admin Kripaa No Comments Jan 04,2012 Latest Trends, Technology

    How many times have you worked painstakingly on something that you are not too familiar with, only to have it destroyed in a matter of seconds by one wrong move? A new car that ended up in a fender bender because you were fiddling with the indecipherable buttons on the dashboard? Or those numerous sheets of software coding which has helped you create the solution, but is one step away from being glitch-free? If you were able to simulate the effects of what you are working on, you would have...

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    Providing a pattern for Replacement Decisions

    Step into a factory and you will hear the clink, chug, hammer and bang of machinery and gear moving in constant harmony. A veritable needle in the works is enough to throw any smooth flowing operation completely out of sync. This is where factories depend on the replacement theory. With this theory one will be able to create a pattern of predicting when certain parts of machinery require replacements.

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    Cloud Computing Trends for 2012

    The year 2011 has been a golden year for cloud adoption. While major corporations have eased into the cloud, many SMBs too have got their fundamentals right by adopting cloud-based solutions and training their employees. The complications involved with setting up IT infrastructure, the financial hurdles of upgrading software and hardware to keep up with changing trends, and the consumerization of IT are some of the few reasons that SMBs decide to move into the cloud. CIOs across the globe...

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