Adopting a Mobile Device Management Policy

    Admin Kripaa No Comments Feb 29,2012 Latest Trends, Technology

    The flood of mobile devices has put them ahead of PCs in terms of growth and sales, as well as widespread adoption. So much so that more and more corporations are seeing a heavy influx of mobile devices, whether connected to the company network or owned by the employees. This makes the role of an IT manager more challenging, as new policies are needed for managing these mobile devices as well as securing the sensitive enterprise data.

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    Next in Cloud Computing: Mobile Cloud

    Admin Kripaa No Comments Feb 27,2012 Latest Trends, Technology

    If you thought cloud computing was the next big thing, think again! The whole technology is evolving so fast enterprises are at once thrilled and nervous. Surely cloud computing has overturned the paradigm of service delivery and hosted solutions. However, a recent report says that mobile could is catching up quickly, and is going to emerge as the natural next big thing.

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    Measuring Human Capital : Successful HR Strategies

    In high-performance organizations, it is essential to measure what the returns on human capital are. This leads to insights into how the human resources are being utilized, as well as strategies to improve the acquisition, retention, and returns on right talent. However, given the vast amounts of data the HR departments accumulate over time, it becomes challenging to analyze human capital by asking the right questions.

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    Top Five Virtualization Challenges

    Admin Kripaa No Comments Feb 23,2012 Latest Trends, Technology

    There is no doubt about the numerous advantages virtualization brings. The overall infrastructure required is cut down drastically, and systems are made more efficient. However, that’s not all a business should pay attention to when looking to adopt virtualization. As with every other technology, virtualization comes with some upkeep, without which an enterprise may find itself regretting the initial investment.

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    BYOD : Are Enterprises Ready for the Next Revolution?

    The tightening IT budgets and turbulently rapid technological changes are making enterprises rethink the strategy to invest in equipment infrastructure. This has led to the emergence of a radical new idea – Bring Your Own Device (BYOD). The concept has gained much traction in recent times, but the real question is whether businesses know what they are getting into.

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    Achieving Better Enterprise Email Efficiency

    Admin Kripaa No Comments Feb 20,2012 Technology, Best Practices

    Email seems to be the best thing when you are an individual using free services like Gmail, Yahoo! mail, etc., but within an enterprise, an email system becomes a special type of challenge. Not only is communication to be synchronized internally as well as externally, but there are problems related to collaboration, filtering, and data management. With a little foresight and resourcefulness, enterprises can do a lot to increase email efficiency.

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    Importance of Data Management in Banking Industry

    Admin Kripaa No Comments Feb 17,2012 Technology

    While one might think that a term like Data Management is more apt for technologically agile sectors like IT, the truth is that these practices can bring a huge benefit to the financial industry as well. And the benefits arising out of this are not generic in nature, but rather deal with the core challenge today’s financial industry is facing – regulatory compliance.

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    Achieving Supply Chain Agility

    Admin Kripaa No Comments Feb 16,2012 Technology, ERP On Cloud, Others

    Business these days needs to quickly respond to changes, which is where the concept of supply chain agility comes in. A company’s supply chain needs to be more than efficient – it needs to quickly respond to sudden changes in business conditions, and adapt accordingly. While the traditional concepts in agility have been focusing on “velocity” only, this is no longer enough.

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    Online File Sharing after Shutdown

    Admin Kripaa No Comments Feb 15,2012 Technology

    It started with SOPA, an American legislation to fight off online piracy and illegal file sharing. The proposition was opposed across the online space as people felt it would threaten the right to freedom of expression, and was soon taken down. But the hunt for digital pirates is far from over.

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    Popular Cloud Platforms for Office Solutions

    With many robust could computing applications being available for offices, there is no need to stay restricted to a single machine and proprietary file formats. The new wave in hosted solutions has given rise to many free cloud-based office suites, which is what we recommend here if you want to collaborate in real time and carry all your data with you:

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    Leveraging Big Data

    Big Data is undoubtedly the most talked about wave of technology in business world these days, but how does one go about leveraging it? Is there real value in it? If so, what can businesses expect from this? Too many questions, and all of them are valid.

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    What enterprises should know about cloud computing

    Cloud computing is quickly catching up in adoption among enterprises the world over, but the service providers may not be fully prepared for the change. There are some very important fundamental differences in the way cloud computing is managed, as compared to the traditional systems.

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    RaaS for effective disaster recovery

    Disaster recovery and business continuity are buzzwords that have been acknowledged by the whole business world as most important when it comes to sensitive data or mission critical applications. In the past, businesses used to invest millions of dollars in building back up infrastructure. The cost of deploying and managing back up infrastructure was so high that only top-level companies could afford it. Small and medium businesses relied on less expensive methods like daily data backup by...

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    Driving Growth through ERP Mobility

    Having a good ERP solution in place is just half the battle in today’s competitive business environment. As enterprises look to expand and scale up operations, they discover that the traditional ERP setup is no more the best answer. And that in order to adapt, they need logistics and operations to be mobile and seamlessly connected.

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    SIPOC - An Efficient Method for Process Mapping

    One of the most important steps before implementing an ERP solution is to understand and analyze all the processes affected. As we have mentioned in our previous articles, ERP implementation impacts the way the organization functions. Roles and responsibilities of employees get changed, processes get changed and the overall workflow gets automated.

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    Hop on to The Cloud Bandwagon

    Admin Kripaa No Comments Feb 04,2012 Cloud Technology & ERP

    Any one stepping foot into the world of IT today knows that they stand a much better chance of making it if they have a skill set that includes the Cloud. According to a research report by Wanted Analytics - a talent research firm, the demand for talent with Cloud computing skill set has increased tremendously in the last quarter of 2011.

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