Virtualization Performance Issues

    Admin Kripaa No Comments Mar 30,2012

    While there is no doubt that virtualization leads to optimum use of server resources—take CPU, for example, which remains under-utilized in traditional servers—it can also have some performance penalties. The reason is that excessive loads on the virtual server take toll on RAM, disk space, network and other resource far more than the CPU alone, and are enough to bog down the machine. Therefore, once you have a virtual server up and running, be alert for these possibilities.

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    Developing an Agile Infrastructure

    Admin Kripaa No Comments Mar 29,2012

    Agility is indeed the holy grail of IT practices today. Companies want infrastructure to be flexible and scalable, and there is an urgent need for deploying mobile ERP. However, the shift from your existing workflows to agile ones needs to be made after careful planning and assessment of your technological needs.

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    The Future of Hypervisors

    Admin Kripaa No Comments Mar 28,2012

    If virtualization unsettled the IT infrastructure practices by introducing something radically new, now is its own turn to face the same scenario. So quickly does technology change that even before virtualization has gained widespread adoption, there are groundbreaking advances being made in the development of hypervisors. As things stand today, certain interesting trends can be pointed out to understand what the future of hypervisors could be.

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    Green Technology and IT Profits

    Admin Kripaa No Comments Mar 27,2012

    For a long time the green approach to technology has taken a backseat. This was because almost all methods of going green involved sacrificing some or other important IT functions, which companies used to do with a heavy heart. And then came the looming clouds of a global green drive and the near-certain regulatory push which made enterprises nervous about the future. However, the recent developments have shown that green technology need not mean compromising on workflows or cutting corners.

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    Adopting IT Consumerization

    Admin Kripaa No Comments Mar 26,2012

    For today’s IT departments and managers, there’s a palpable push towards IT consumerization. It’s happening all around – technologies are first being introduced in the consumer market, and are then impacting the IT companies through their employees. This means if you have still been trying to run things the old way, you’re the odd one out and will soon find yourself in a tight spot.

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    Cloud Computing and Reliability

    Admin Kripaa No Comments Mar 23,2012 Cloud Technology & ERP

    Just when every business pundit thought that cloud computing was ready to take over the IT landscape, a spanner has been thrown in the works. If the Amazon EC2 cloud’s outage last year bewildered many, this year’s downtime of one of the reputed software company has deepened the doubts. The service was down for over ten hours - a duration most businesses consider inadmissible. This definitely has shaken the confidence in cloud computing, and businesses are asking questions about its reliability.

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    Planning for Big Data

    Admin Kripaa No Comments Mar 22,2012

    It’s natural these days to be thinking of adopting big data. The whole industry is quite excited about this latest development, and more and more businesses are moving towards what can be termed a landmark shift in the role data plays in everyday life. If you too are looking to adopt big data for solving your business problems, make sure are rightly prepared.

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    Tips for Better Backups

    Admin Kripaa No Comments Mar 21,2012

    While backups are essential from a security and continuity point of view, businesses often fail to extract the maximum from this process. The reason is lack of proper planning and training, which is something IT departments tend to avoid, thinking of backup as an elementary activity. However, if not done properly, backups can actually lead to archived data that is hard to retrieve and categorize—making it effectively useless—as well as severe performance issues.

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    Insights from Storage Administration

    Admin Kripaa No Comments Mar 20,2012

    Storage administration is changing fast in the present scenario. Automation is the key to high-performance and reliability, which increases the responsibility of the storage administrator. And for those who are new to this role or find themselves in a new environment, the challenge can become overwhelming.

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    Disaster Recovery for Small Businesses

    Admin Kripaa No Comments Mar 19,2012

    The unforeseen disasters can happen to any business and cripple day to day operations in no time. However, your best bet as a small- or medium-sized business is to have a Disaster Recovery Plan in place, which will ensure that the business recovers quickly and with minimum damage.

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    Building Greener Networks

    Going green is certainly on the agenda for governments and technology companies. The environment footprint—something which remained missing from discussions for so long—has suddenly become the most important metric. This has necessitated better ERP software, for instance, in order to track the impact throughout a product’s lifecycle.

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    SaaS and IT Maturity

    Admin Kripaa No Comments Mar 15,2012 Latest Trends, Technology

    There’s a strong argument in the favor of IT maturity, explaining why businesses devote a sizeable portion of resources to ensure a strong maturity model. IT maturity leads to stable workflows, service continuity, and increases stakeholder trust. But because of some recent developments, this is changing for the IT industry. Let’s have a look at the core issues. Cloud computing and IT

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    Big Data – Security vs. Privacy

    Admin Kripaa No Comments Mar 14,2012 Technology

    Data is indeed the answer to business problems in the 21st century. It helped establish Google as the dominant search engine, is behind the enormous leverage Facebook enjoys, and has vital implications for businesses. Already sold on Hadoop and the whole idea about big data, businesses feel the technology enables them a deeper insight into problems and scenarios, allowing them to create better products. However, big data is having some surprising other applications also. More importantly –...

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    Why Your Business Needs Hosted Support

    Admin Kripaa No Comments Mar 13,2012 Latest Trends, Technology

    With the advent of cloud computing, virtualization and related technologies, businesses are increasingly facing the needs for adaptability and dynamic systems. This means that traditional ways of IT support are changing as well. As businesses become more agile and dynamic, support needs to keep pace. This article argues about the need to switch to hosted support, and how it can benefit the enterprise.

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    Implementing Data Governance Successfully

    Admin Kripaa No Comments Mar 11,2012 Latest Trends, Technology

    As more and more organizations come to understand the power of data, newer methodologies and tools are being adopted to make it fast and more insightful. Not long ago, the wave in data quality had everyone thinking, correctly, that collecting data is not much use if it’s not of high quality. That meant accurate sampling, reliable sources and measurement techniques, completeness, as well as timely implementation. Now, however, a different sort of challenge faces the stakeholders – the rapidly...

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    ERP for Green Supply Chain Management

    Modern industry is not only about optimum production and best manufacturing methods only. The environment footprint involved in the processes is getting increasing consideration from governments and investors like. For example, in a circular issued by the ministry of corporate affairs last year, email was approved as a medium for servicing compliance documents. Such developments mean that going forward, enterprises need to not only reduce the environment footprint, but also be able to capture...

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    Mobile Learning for Enterprises

    Admin Kripaa No Comments Mar 08,2012 Latest Trends, Technology

    The rise of mobile devices has given birth to a whole range of gadgets being used for different purposes. Whereas mobile phones are now seeing greater reach and growth, tablets are quickly outracing PCs and laptops in terms of sales. One implication this has is mobile learning – because people are always connected through mobile devices, learning on-the-go is made possible. This also provides a good opportunity for enterprises to impart proper learning platforms and skills through mobile...

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    Private Cloud Computing for Organizations

    One of the interesting emerging trends in cloud computing is that of private cloud computing. Because of its inherent benefits, most of the organizations are preferring a private cloud to a public one. But what is a private cloud, and is it really a good idea for businesses?

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    Leveraging Cloud Computing for Accounting Firms

    Is cloud computing only for technology services firms and product development giants? Or can traditional, evergreen services like accounting also benefit from it? It turns out that cloud computing is having a wider impact than anyone thought possible. This holds true for accounting firms also, who can benefit from the many advantages of cloud computing. Here’s how:

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    Choosing an SCM Solution

    Admin Kripaa No Comments Mar 05,2012

    Given the inherently dynamic nature of real-world businesses, maintaining a good supply chain turns out to be far more complicated and difficult than it appears, and the confusion is compounded when selecting an SCM software solution. Problem is, most of the solutions—no matter how good the developers say they are—try to address an umbrella of problems, and so end up being less than optimized for a particular business situation.

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    Towards Competency-based Management

    Admin Kripaa No Comments Mar 02,2012

    Competency is a key consideration for HR departments where human capital is seen as having a direct impact on business output. In such scenarios, competency is central to activities involving recruitment, training, performance, and continuity. However, measurement and identification of competency remain a difficult problem for most organizations, which is where the competency-based management model comes in.

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    Leveraging Hosted Anti-Spam

    Admin Kripaa No Comments Mar 01,2012

    Organizations are quickly coming to acknowledge the need for a robust email solution. This concerns with spam too, one of the formidable challenges facing the IT industry today. Most companies prefer an on-premise email server—perhaps driven by security concerns—but if the larger picture is considered, a hosted solution turns out to be far more effective.

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