Top Myths about Encryption

    Admin Kripaa No Comments Apr 30,2012 Technology

    Given how mature the encryption technologies are, one would think that the practices are thoroughly understood when it comes to enterprise security. However, companies still continue to hold erroneous beliefs related to data encryption, and as a result continue to pay the price.

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    Understanding VoIP Security Risks

    Admin Kripaa No Comments Apr 27,2012 Technology

    VoIP is evolving rapidly as a far better alternative than the traditional telephone system, and as such has become the preferred mode of communication among many businesses. However, there are serious security risks attached to it—as they are with any other new technology—which the companies need to be aware of and try to fix.

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    Ramco Systems at the CIO Klub Summit, Mumbai

    Admin Kripaa No Comments Apr 27,2012 Technology, Events

    Ramco Systems was part of the 4th anniversary summit of CIO Klub, Mumbai recently. The CIO Klub is a unique concept that brings together CIOs and key decision-makers from several Indian enterprises, with an aim to collaborate and exchange knowledge and best practices.

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    Choosing a CRM Solution

    Selection of a CRM solution is one of the most important IT decisions within an enterprise. As it becomes important to provide a seamless experience to the customer, IT managers need to know which factors to consider when it comes to finalizing a product. Here are some tips on how to do that:

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    Exploring Tiered Storage

    For storage administrators as well as companies looking to optimize their storage processes, tiered storage offers a strong advantage in terms of unifying and streamlining storage management. This is even more important when one looks at cloud computing, where pricing models are based on access frequency and need to be optimized. Therefore, it becomes important to understand what tiered storage is, as well as what advantages and challenges it has.

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    Creating Effective Enterprise Social Networks

    Enterprise social networks are more than just a buzzword. As companies struggle to retain employees in a culture where job-hopping has become prevalent, employee engagement is the key. And one good way to improve communication and engage employees more is by leveraging the power of enterprise social networks. But what makes for a good enterprise social network? Here are some important points for businesses:

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    Selecting the Right Cloud Provider

    Admin Kripaa No Comments Apr 20,2012 Cloud Technology & ERP

    With so many vendors in the market, it can be difficult to select the right service provider when it comes to cloud computing. For enterprises, the dilemma is greater because cloud computing is still evolving and there doesn’t seem to be much difference among the different offerings. However, there are many important factors a company needs to take into account when it comes to trusting a cloud provider. Here’s a quick guide:

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    Smarter Monitoring for Enterprise Security

    Admin Kripaa No Comments Apr 19,2012 Ramco ERP Suite

    Monitoring is a major part of enterprise security, with more and more sophisticated tools being developed to detect potential attacks. However, as technology advances, so does hacker skill, and modern companies need to make sure they are moving with the times. This calls for smarter monitoring, or in other words, knowing exactly what to monitor and how, so as to make sure the network system is not compromised.

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    Understanding Network Visibility

    Consumerization of IT has led to an overlap when it comes to technology, as is being seen in the latest trend of BYOD. However, it also has key repercussions for enterprise networks, which are increasingly facing the risk of not having enough visibility to tackle major challenges. This will have a lasting impact on how security is enforced within an enterprise network, and what the limits of detection systems are.

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    Leveraging Data Classification

    Admin Kripaa No Comments Apr 17,2012 Best Practices

    With the rise of cloud computing, classifying enterprise data has become more important than ever. Part of the reason is that it keeps data workflows efficient, but the real driver is the cost of data transfer, which can be brought down considerably if the available data is classified on key parameters. The right time to do this is now, especially when the volume of data to be sorted in low, and it is easy to create a good classification structure and build on it.

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    Building a Cloud Supply Chain

    Admin Kripaa No Comments Apr 16,2012 Cloud Technology & ERP

    The benefits of the cloud are becoming more evident with each passing day, but the real challenge lies in moving your entire supply chain to the cloud. That gives you the enviable advantage of true mobility and a system that is highly scalable for at very little cost. But it’s not a simple task, as any seasoned supply chain manager knows.

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    Mobile Malware: The New Security Threat

    Admin Kripaa No Comments Apr 12,2012 Technology

    Even as mobile devices are beginning to change enterprise computing at a fundamental level, security issues are sounding the alarm bells for admins. Companies have a hard time securing their desktop systems even with the best of firewalls and anti-malware, so the many malware threats being detected across mobile devices come as a cause of serious concern.

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    Top Myths about Cloud Computing

    Businesses are yet to fully understand cloud computing, which makes some of them believe in what can be termed as cloud computing myths. With so many different views on this subject—and experts in favor of and against it—it’s important to clear up the picture and offer a clear insight into this revolutionary technology.

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    Network Security Best Practices

    Admin Kripaa No Comments Apr 10,2012 Technology

    With new technologies like big data and cloud computing making communication networks play an even bigger role, security becomes a central topic. IT admins need to make sure that not only do the new systems integrate seamlessly, but also that the information security is guaranteed. But the turf is changing very fast, and it’s becoming difficult to keep pace with technology.

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    Why Proper Backup Matters

    Admin Kripaa No Comments Apr 09,2012 Best Practices

    Data backup does not get a lot of consideration when it comes to IT best practices. Part of the reason is complacency – companies don’t feel the need to create backups for what seem to be perfectly working equipment. However, the true importance of a backup surfaces only when there is a system crash – good backup practices can make sure that the system is back online with minimum disruption to business continuity.

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    Best Practices in DaaS (Data as a Service)

    Admin Kripaa No Comments Apr 05,2012 Best Practices

    Just as there is Software as a Service (Saas) for applications delivery and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) for networking components, the next emerging delivery model is built around data, and it is known as Data as a Service (DaaS). The basic idea is that while collecting large amount of data and analyzing it for patterns can be immensely beneficial to the business, companies usually lack the required resources to perform these analyses. That’s why they outsource the data component to a...

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    Top Security Mistakes to Avoid

    Admin Kripaa No Comments Apr 04,2012 Best Practices

    Every IT admin knows that security goes beyond passwords, antivirus and firewalls. Even then, it’s surprising that most of the enterprise systems remain highly vulnerable to attacks. The recent developments have shown that even government websites and the best of technology companies are not completely safe.

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    Bandwidth Challenges in Big Data

    Admin Kripaa No Comments Apr 03,2012

    The explosive growth in big data technology means businesses should now get ready for unprecedented opportunities – as well as challenges. If recent trends are anything to go by, it has now become clear that the present infrastructure and systems are ill-equipped to handle the enormous resources that big data demands. Even if the initial hurdles of insufficient storage and processing power are overcome through cloud computing, there remains the insurmountable problem of bandwidth.

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    Reducing System Downtime

    Admin Kripaa No Comments Apr 02,2012 Technology

    While nothing can prevent an occasional system failure, downtime is something that can and should be minimized. Various studies have shown that one of the most prominent reasons for high system downtime is mismanagement related to documentation. Improper and incomplete documentation always results in confusion, which adds to the downtime. And the longer it takes to restore the system, the more is the business going to suffer.

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