Top Enterprise Application for Public Clouds

    Although cloud computing makes a strong case for just about any company, there are certain areas where the benefits of enterprise computing through public cloud are simply irresistible. If your business is based on one of these, then public cloud will bring you great capability and flexibility.

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    Corporate Data and Public Cloud

    Admin Kripaa No Comments Jul 13,2012 Cloud Technology & ERP

    For all practical purposes, one can say that cloud computing is now a mature technology. Its adoption is going as strong as ever, the number of players in the market is increasing, and more and more companies are discovering the benefits of inexpensive computing capacity. Great as all this sounds, the true potential of cloud is still not being realized, and the reason is corporate data.

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    The Pressing Need for a Cloud API Standard

    Admin Kripaa No Comments Jul 12,2012 Best Practices, Others

    The cloud has been caught up in a whirlpool of activity even before it could mature as a technology, the result being that different vendors are using it in different ways. While some see this as the ultimate gift of choice, others are worried about the absence of a common standard when it comes to developing cloud applications. The problem is API standards, which are currently vendor-specific.

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    Cloud Migration - Focus on Strategy

    Admin Kripaa No Comments Jul 09,2012 Best Practices, Others

    As a cloud vendor you are always trying to win companies over to your turf. So you make a pitch for the cloud and present the benefits. It should come as a surprise that while most vendors highlight the lack of infrastructure and low cost, these are not the game-changing benefits of the cloud. That’s not to say cost is a trivial issue, but that cost can never be the winning factor for enterprises, who need to look at a host of other factors to make sure any new technology will fit into their...

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    Why the Cloud Needs More Innovation

    Admin Kripaa No Comments Jul 06,2012 Best Practices, Others

    Looking at the huge popularity of cloud computing and the many benefits it brings, it’s easy to believe that there’s already all the innovation we are going to need for quite some time. However, if you dig just a little deeper, this is not so true.

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    Managing Complexity in Cloud

    Admin Kripaa No Comments Jul 05,2012 Best Practices, Others

    Cloud computing is popular for its ease of deployment and scalability, but when it comes to enterprise computing, there’s an added challenge – choice. It’s just because the cloud comes with so many options for so little of the earlier cost, that it’s easy for companies to go into an overdrive and end up with deployments that are too complex to manage and evolve.

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    Analytics for All

    Admin Kripaa No Comments Jul 04,2012 BFSI, Best Practices, Others

    When business analytics tools were first introduced, they were restricted to the companies doing online marketing and related research. The idea was to track the constant stream of visitors coming to the website and optimizing ad campaigns. While the highly important role analytics play in online businesses is apparent, the strategies of data analytics can be applied to just about any industry that collects data – and that includes everyone.

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    Financial Services Data Modeling

    Data modeling is perhaps the single most important factor that affects the performance of financial services and analytics tools.

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    Prioritizing Cloud Management

    Admin Kripaa No Comments Jul 02,2012 Best Practices, Others

    Despite the huge success cloud computing has become—and the enormous amount of industry attention centered around it—there still seems to be a good number of challenges. One problem companies constantly face is working with different cloud providers for data storage, app delivery, testing, and so forth. Because the enterprise practices for cloud are not mature yet, this gives rise to a situation where, say, a storage crash brings down the entire ecosystem.

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