Cloud Computing for Effective Disaster Recovery

    Given that the foundation of any business rests on its data and applications, it becomes important that these two functions be kept running non-intermittently. That’s the essence of disaster-recovery. However, implementing a disaster recovery plan is a veritable nightmare in the context of an on-premise system. After all, it’s hard to save the system if it’s installed at the disaster location. This simple idea has important ramifications for cloud computing, which has an indirect benefit of...

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    Future Challenges for Cloud Computing

    Will cloud computing continue sailing unchallenged into the future or will it face a decline that is so characteristic of every new technology? It’s hard to tell, frankly, but by all counts it’s here to stay. But that doesn’t mean the journey forward is crystal-clear. For both technology-makers and vendors alike, a peek into the near-future of cloud computing is necessary.

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    Why Cloud-Based Data Centers Are the Best Bet

    Data center design is a much-pursued topic, and many agree it’s as much art as it is science. Companies spend millions every year on consultants who promise the most efficient and reliable data center possible. But the truth is that problems related to data are too formidable to be tamed so easily.

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    Security Considerations for Cloud Computing Vendors

    Admin Kripaa No Comments Aug 28,2012

    Security Considerations for Cloud Computing Vendors

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    Better Productivity through Cloud Computing

    Cloud computing has benefits relating not only to the immediate business model, but to the entire organization. One of the many unseen but welcome improvements cloud computing brings is in productivity. This happens because any cloud migration also causes an evolution in the core functions of the business, improving how human resources and machines work together.

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    Using Cloud for Fax Services

    For many the idea of cloud computing for fax services comes as a surprise, but given the supreme flexibility of the cloud, it’s perhaps time to transform every aspect of modern business in a fundamental manner. Of course email faxes were a tremendous improvement over the machines everyone had to keep in their office; now is the time to take it a step further and put fax services in the cloud.

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    Choosing Cloud-Based Integration

    System integration is arguably the bugbear of IT management. The simple truth every administrator has to live with is that most systems can only be integrated poorly, if at all. But those who manage cloud-based software would differ. The reason is that cloud computing is fundamentally different from the traditional idea of computing, which means it is well suited for tasks like scaling, integrating, and so on.

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    Important Aspects in Cloud Hosting

    Admin Kripaa No Comments Aug 21,2012 ERP On Cloud, Others

    Organizations that have always relied on data stored on-premise are often encouraged to give cloud hosting a try. The reason is that cloud hosting enjoys certain benefits that can be a huge value-add for the business involved. For instance, data management is reduced to a logical problem rather than a physical and logical one, and the flexibility of infrastructure without even having to set up a dedicated data center is simply unmatched.

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    All about Cloud Deployment Models

    Just as cloud computing comes in many flavors, so is it possible to deploy services in any of the various models popular in the industry. Having an early knowledge of these helps IT manages arrive at better deployment decisions related to cloud computing.

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    Cloud Monitoring for Enterprises

    Admin Kripaa No Comments Aug 16,2012 Cloud Technology & ERP

    Enterprises that are involved in cloud computing—whether as a client or a vendor—need to put special emphasis on monitoring tools. Although for many the traditional tools serve some of the purposes, there’s no reason why cloud computing itself can’t be leveraged to create better tools for cloud monitoring.

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    Deriving Long-Term Benefit from Cloud Computing

    Admin Kripaa No Comments Aug 14,2012 Cloud Technology & ERP

    One surprising aspect of cloud computing is that for almost all companies, migrating to the cloud turned out to be a longer and harder process than they assumed. Of course it’s possible to reduce implementation time by proper planning and foresight, but in the overall change cycle it’s not of much magnitude.

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    5 Cloud Computing Best Practices

    Admin Kripaa No Comments Aug 13,2012 Technology

    Cloud computing brings many benefits to modern businesses both large and small, such as mobility, scalability, efficiency, and reduced costs. But in order to extract the maximum from your investment, you need to be aware of what the industry is doing.

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    Disaster Planning and Cloud Computing

    Admin Kripaa No Comments Aug 09,2012 Cloud Technology & ERP

    Disaster planning is usually not on the priority list of IT companies. While it’s true that disaster recovery is for extremely low-probability events, the business impact can be quite high. In all of this cloud computing is playing an interesting role, being the fastest-growing and dominant technology paradigm in the industry.

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    Cloud Computing Models for Enterprises

    Admin Kripaa No Comments Aug 08,2012 ERP On Cloud, Others

    Cloud computing has become diverse enough now to warrant consulting. Any enterprise that wishes to make the transition to the cloud or benefit by moving a specialized part of its business, needs to understand the various cloud computing models available.

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    Sales Forecasting and Cloud Computing

    Admin Kripaa No Comments Aug 07,2012 ERP On Cloud, Others

    Because of the dynamic and complex nature of everyday business transactions, managing sales is a special challenge for enterprises. While sales in the traditional sense has been perfected long ago, tracking and forecasting are the upcoming areas of promise. The problem is that the existing workflows in a typical modern business are not capable enough to do this well. While there are dedicated resources for order processing, customer management, inventory control, etc., integrating them into...

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    Top Cloud Trends 2012 by Gartner

    Admin Kripaa No Comments Aug 06,2012 Latest Trends

    Gartner’s recent Infrastructure and Operations Management Summit saw the research company highlight key upcoming trends in enterprise cloud computing. For almost every small- to large-sized organization, this comes as a peek into the future of cloud computing.

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    Business Transformation through Cloud Computing

    Admin Kripaa No Comments Aug 02,2012 ERP On Cloud, Others

    When cloud computing is mentioned, business transformation automatically comes to mind. That’s because the fundamental tenet of cloud computing is not putting a small portion of your business in the cloud, but complete business transformation from within. And as every business is composed of two very important entities, people and processes, this is where the transformation has to begin.

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    Could Resource-as-a-Service be the Next Big Thing?

    Admin Kripaa No Comments Aug 01,2012 ERP On Cloud, Others

    Cloud computing is going through interesting times of innovation. First we saw Software-as-a-Service where software was no more installed on the machine it was used on; then came along Infrastructure-as-a-Service, which recognized the need for scalable infrastructure at a fraction of the cost. But newer models of cloud computing are being dreamed up, and the latest to join the ranks is Resource-as-a-Service.

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