Improving Cloud Margins

    While it’s true that cloud computing results in a significant reduction in business cost, it doesn’t mean the overall margins for providers need to be wafer-thin. The current scramble in the market can be explained in terms of vendors failing to see the bigger picture and not including value-added offerings in their products. Contrary to popular belief, it’s possible to extract a healthy margin from the cloud and stay competitive.

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    Data Safety in Cloud Migration

    It’s not as if security comes into play only after you have moved to the cloud completely. The process of migration is itself prone to vulnerabilities that careful vendors will avoid at all costs. That means migration itself needs to be broken down into different stages and secured at each step. This will ensure that the transition is made without any loopholes or potential system compromises.

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    Challenges in Cloud Encryption

    For cloud vendors and businesses alike, security is one of the most important factors when choosing a solution. One suggested approach is to make extensive use of encryption, be it whole disk or partial encryption. But before you decide to move ahead with implementing an encryption system, it’s important to understand the various challenges involved.

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    Trends in VAR-based Cloud Computing

    Admin Kripaa No Comments Sep 25,2012 Cloud Technology & ERP

    An important and upcoming segment of cloud computing is that of Value Added Resellers (VARs). Because most vendors catering to SMBs choose to resell cloud services, they face the practical problem of differentiating their service offerings. VAR-based cloud computing has emerged as the answer, where vendors customize the base offerings to develop solutions that offer, say, better integration or specialized solutions for different verticals.

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    Challenges in Personal Cloud

    Admin Kripaa No Comments Sep 24,2012 Cloud Technology & ERP

    One of the most interesting developments in cloud computing is happening in the domain of personal computing. Given that the average person is already accessing email, photos, and other services not stored on his computer directly, it makes sense to migrate everything to the cloud. That’s why there has been a strong growth in cloud storage services being offered for individuals. But as with everything else in technology, the ground of personal cloud is not without its disadvantages.

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    Personal Clouds Will Dominate Personal Computing: Gartner

    In a recent release Gartner says that the future of causal computing is in personal cloud, projecting that within two years it will take the center stage. The release says, “Major trends in client computing have shifted the market away from a focus on personal computers to a broader device perspective that includes smartphones, tablets and other consumer devices. Emerging cloud services will become the glue that connects the web of devices that users choose to access during the different...

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    Connectivity Considerations in Cloud Computing

    For all its magical abilities to solve formidable business problems, cloud computing hangs by a thin thread: connectivity. Yes, it’s good to have the most incredible subscription plans and the best of hardware, but given that the data is stored and accessed remotely, everything falls apart in the absence of proper connectivity. For businesses and cloud vendors alike, this factor should carry as much weight as any other.

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    Should Your Vendor Be Regional or International?

    Much has been written about the crucial—or as some call it, “make or break”—role played by the cloud vendor. As the cloud market soars, it’s becoming increasingly important to distinguish between the lookalike services and figure out who would be a perfect fit. One important consideration in this regard is that of vendor territory. Should the vendor be regional, or is it better to go international?

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    Cloud Computing is Still Not Well Understood

    Admin Kripaa No Comments Sep 17,2012 Cloud Technology & ERP

    For a technology as prevalent as cloud computing, it remains remarkably misunderstood. The point here is not about the misconceptions, even though the cloud has more than its fair share of them – after all, every technology goes through an initial period of misconceptions which are because of dark areas that get cleared over time.

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    Should Your Cloud Server be Dedicated or Virtual?

    One of the most important considerations when migrating to a cloud-based platform is that of server management. It’s possible to have a dedicated physical server for your resources, or you can look to leverage virtualization and have an abstracted server. What difference does it make and what does it mean for the long term?

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    Cloud Computing: Planning for Success

    Admin Kripaa No Comments Sep 13,2012 Cloud Technology & ERP

    Cloud computing has made things so easy that successful implementation seems like a given. Just select a good solution, move all the data to the cloud, and you’re ready. How hard can it really be? Truth be told, herein lies all the trouble. Despite the enormous amount of effort the past decades have required for understanding system design, IT managers continue to grope for the silver bullet.

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    Before you Launch a Commercial Cloud

    So you are a technology company looking to cash in on the popularity of the cloud? Then you have likely decided to become a vendor and benefit from the explosive growth. But before you begin, it’s advisable that you be aware of the finer points about cloud computing when it comes to vendors.

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    A Closer Look at Cloud ROI

    In order to be truly successful in the long run, a technology has to demonstrate healthy ROI. And it’s not only the initial investment that a business should take into account, but also the hidden costs associated with unforeseen changes.

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    Challenges in Selecting the Right Cloud Vendor

    Much has been written about cloud computing as a technology paradigm; however, a glance at the practical aspects reveals that the most important factor in determining the success of an implementation is the vendor. This is even more important for companies that operate on a tight budget or need to maintain high standards of quality.

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    Cloud Computing Benefits beyond Reduced Costs

    Ask any company why they moved to cloud computing, and you’re likely going to hear “cost reduction”. While the sentiment rings true to the massive transformation the cloud has brought about in the IT landscape, it fails to do justice. As enterprises who’ve been with a cloud for a few months now can testify, there are benefits far greater than an immediate curb on operating costs.

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    Important Considerations for Cloud SLAs

    Admin Kripaa No Comments Sep 06,2012 Latest Trends

    Now that cloud computing has been around for some time, businesses are aware of the crucial role SLAs play. The effectiveness of a cloud deployment is measured not by its implementation cost or even time, but by the SLA levels promised and adhered to. This raises an important question: What are the important metrics for creating SLAs that lead to smoother business operation?

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    Improving Cloud Efficiency

    Admin Kripaa No Comments Sep 05,2012 Cloud Technology & ERP

    While a well-planned cloud computing deployment brings some definite advantages to the enterprise, many are still operating below their maximum achievable efficiency. The reason is none other than the lack of a deeper understanding of the cloud infrastructure, and knowing how to keep things running smoothly.

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    The Good and Bad about Private Cloud

    Admin Kripaa No Comments Sep 04,2012 Cloud Technology & ERP

    Private cloud has been a surprising development in cloud computing. Although the original intent was to enable a truly dynamic business model, for some businesses the concerns of privacy and security outweigh the benefits of public cloud.

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    Ensuring Integration for Public Cloud

    Admin Kripaa No Comments Sep 03,2012 Cloud Technology & ERP

    The difference between cloud deployments that are moderately successful and those that are extremely successful is nothing but integration. The cloud is a holistic platform, and unless every functional area of the organization is covered comprehensively, the real benefits do not surface.

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