Why should you move to Cloud?

    With the word Cloud buzzing all around the IT world, there would be few businesses which haven’t thought about moving to Cloud. However, for one reason or the other, there seems to be something that holds small and medium business back from making the switch. But, Cloud is undoubtedly, the next stage of IT evolution. So, why should you move to Cloud?

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    Impact of Cloud contact centre on Business

    With nearly all the customers desiring to talk to a helping agent for resolution of problems, having a call centre isn't an ‘optional’ facility anymore. Today’s contact centres are up against challenges which are common to many service-oriented businesses –demand for higher revenues, higher quality and need for lower turnaround times—all these, while keeping the checks low.IT and telecommunication technology provided the initial push, but now Cloud is stepping in to overhaul the way we look at...

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    Choosing Cloud-based website security services

    In the web, where everything is vulnerable to attack, no one desires to keep a website wide-open to attacks. Small and Medium Business (SMB) website owners invest quite a lot to attract quality traffic, but no one wants a malicious bot scanning your website for sensitive data or anything which can be used for spamming your customers. Hence, it is instructive to have an additional technology which filters the incoming traffic for your website. However, there was no easy way to set up such...

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    Managing Complexities of a Multi Country Payroll

    Large multinationals with presence in multiple countries often face the challenge of reducing their payroll processing costs. Since payroll is governed by the country statutory and industry regulations, it is important to ensure compliance to avoid any fallout arising out of inaccurate computation. Many companies have found to their horror that they have been underpaying the wages and overtime for years. Such issues not only jeopardize the company’s reputation but also put a huge strain on...

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    Using ERP for Lead Generation

    Generating leads is the first step for any sort of business. Marketing strategies have seen a significant shift from the traditional direct advertisement paradigm to inbound marketing. While inbound marketing is cost effective, it also brings with it the need to process the leads faster. ERP solutions for generating and managing leads significantly eliminate inefficacy. Not only does it come with the usual advantages which any cloud-based service has, it also considerably increases the...

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    Ramco Enables Al Faris Achieve Rock-Solid Equipment Management

    Admin Kripaa No Comments Dec 19,2012 Best Practices, Others

    Ramco partnered with Al Faris, a heavy equipment company from UAE offering specialized lifting and transportation services. With business growing rapidly and spreading across different geographies, Al Faris was beginning to experience the typical signs of strain – inefficient inventory, high maintenance costs, too frequent repairs, and operational challenges. They turned to Ramco for a solution, which was implemented quickly and effectively.

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    Hiring the Right ERP (Enterprise resource planning) Consultant

    If one knows about Enterprise Resource Planning software, it goes unsaid how difficult it can be to consider all the latest software available in the market and then evaluate what is the best deal for your company. One might not have the required background or time to chisel out the optimum solution for the firm. Hiring a professional consultant is probably the most viable solution. But, like every solution, hiring the right ERP consultant can take some considerations.

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    GAP Analysis for Better ERP Implementation

    At some point during a business’s life, it may choose to incorporate an ERP system into its arsenal. When this happens there are always wide arrays of changes that need to take place. In order to ensure that the business reaches the full potential of the ERP system, a GAP analysis can be done. A business that does not use a GAP analysis is essentially running blind, as even the best users will not be able to fully implement the benefits the ERP system. Without the analysis, the business...

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    Securing Cloud File Sharing

    Transferring large files over the internet have always been a problem. Even at a personal level, one quite frequently needs to send files larger than the usual 20 MB emailing limit. Situations are worse at the enterprise level. With the current security concerns, the good-old FTP isn’t feasible. With the cloud revolution at the precipice, the solution to the problem is obvious – store files on the cloud and share them with the concerned users. However, when cloud technology is still nascent,...

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    Air India flies high with Ramco Aviation

    Ramco Systems Ltd is proud to announce that we have successfully gone live with Ramco Aviation Suite at Air India. The implementation of the Ramco Aviation Suite will help Air India maintain its entire fleet of 125+ of Boeing and Airbus, including the Dreamliners.

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    The BYOD trend is catching up!

    Many IT companies are encouraging BYOD (bring your own device) to work. According to an industry survey, firms feel that with techniques like desktop virtualization their earlier concerns like data theft and network problems have been addressed and therefore they are adopting the idea of employees bringing their own devices to work.

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    How Outsourcing Infostructure helps recognize Cost Savings?

    Glitzy stalls depict Flight Ops solutions. Booths with men attired clearly beyond the call of the occasion demonstrate point-solutions on iPads & Mobile Devices. And an entire town agrees on how boring Darmstadt is, a town south-east of Frankfurt that scarcely registers in a German’s consciousness, let alone a visitor.

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    Locating and Nurturing Good Talent

    Shyaam Sunder No Comments Dec 06,2012 Ramco HCM Suite

    The functions of locating and nurturing good employees are enabled by the running of exceptionally good Talent Management processes. We are familiar with the scope of global recruitment or succession planning processes. These should be tuned to targeted business requirements and local/cultural demand.

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    Top Challenges in ERP Implementation

    Business keep hearing that successful integration is the bedrock of ERP implementations. In fact, given the multiple applications enterprises typically deploy, integration is the only way to ensure synergy between business processes. But integration doesn’t come without serious challenges, and it’s important to know them in advance.

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    The Complete Eco-System powered by Cloud Computing AVM SUMMIT- Nov 8’ 2012

    In the recently concluded AVM-summit held in London, Ramco attended and presented in the MRO Technology track. The MRO technology track primarily targeted how to harness the power of aviation maintenance-related software. Presentations were held on new developments in technology, products and successful product implementation experiences. I represented Ramco Systems and chose to share insights on the aviation ecosystem powered by cloud computing. Key sessions covered implementations, Health...

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