Influence of Cognitive Biases in Decision Making

    Albert R. Broccoli, most notable for producing the “James Bond” movie series is supposed to have said, “We are temporary people making permanent decisions”. He spoke about his personal investments into the James Bond franchise, both financial and emotional. He opined that all decisions must be made to safe guard the health of the franchise.

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    Aviation System Integration – Approach and Options

    System integration capability is a key requirement for any software that is used by the aviation industry. Accordingly the aviation MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul) and M&E (Maintenance and Engineering) software should be designed to interact with multiple systems seamlessly to achieve complete automation of business operations. The integration should work with little or no human intervention for error free operations. An M&E / MRO application will typically integrate with flight...

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    Business Intelligence – Present And Future

    Any walk of life would need intelligence and when it comes to business, intelligence is the top most priority. Usually business depends on Intelligence for Growth, Profitability, Asset / Liability Management, Resources Planning, Market Requirements, Hierarchy Planning, etc. However, with time the methods of business have leapt to different levels. Auditability / Accountability / Participative Management have become the latest mantra. BI has transformed into a tool of regulation in recent times....

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    HR in Real Time

    Organizations today exist in an information age where everything happens NOW. The workforce of today has access to all kinds of information in real time. Whether an organization likes it or not, they no longer work in a closed eco system where they can restrict access to any kind of information. The workforce is connected to the outside world 24X7 through their hand held devices which are continuously fed social media updates, as a result of which they expect the same environment within their...

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    Is Tablet A Need For Aviation Industry?

    Opinions on the use of tablets in aviation industry are still divided on whether the Investment made is worthwhile or a waste of money. The industry is skeptical that an aircraft maintenance engineer or a mechanic would have dirty hands and hence, they will not be able to use tablets effectively, and also have the potential risk of dropping a tablet.

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    Ramco Reports Amazing Growth in the Q3 Report

    Admin Kripaa No Comments Feb 21,2013 Newsroom, News

    Ramco Systems has declared its revenues for the third quarter of the year 2012-13. What has been very obvious from the third quarter is the growing momentum for the company. The company has reported a 16% growth in QoQ revenue.

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    A Pen in a Keypad, When it’s Meant to be in a Pen Holder

    Meenakshi R No Comments Feb 19,2013 Best Practices, Others

    SQL developer, oracle developer, system analyst, business analyst, test engineer, network engineer, marketing engineer, human resource executive are some of the conventional job profiles in IT/ITES sector. In this pool of ubiquitous profiles, the descriptor “writer” sounds anomalous. We vaguely believe in, writers prevail solely in media field constituting publishing, editing, column writing and so on. So what is this odd man out doing in IT/ITES sector? And why is it indispensable to...

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    Achieving One’s Potential

    Hans Christian Anderson’s tale, “The Ugly Duckling” is 150 years old but still relevant in the message that it delivers. It is a story of a barnyard bird that is jeered for being ugly in its childhood but then grows up to be the most beautiful bird of all – the swan. It’s widely regarded as a tale of transformation.

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    Spec 2000 - A One-Stop-Solution for Procurement Hassles in Aviation Industry

    Aviation MRO (Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul) Software is a solution for all the major issues faced by airline operators. Procurement of aircraft parts plays a very pivotal role in airlines today. Recent study from the wall street journal shows that nearly 10% to 13% of expenditure is incurred on maintenance activity which mainly consists of repair management and procurement of parts. Airlines reliability is totally dependent on the maintenance of aircrafts and this in turn is decided...

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    Employees are Valuable Assets of an Organization and the Key to Success.

    In today’s competitive world, the key to success in any business relies on customer satisfaction. As a result, servicing customer needs has become a priority for many organizations. However they have failed to act upon the satisfaction of the employees, who are the internal customers of the firm. Can an organization service the needs of the clients/customers properly when they fail to satisfy the needs of the internal customers?

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    Why The Bad Luck With Enterprise Social Network?

    Employee social networks are no more the ‘the topic’ today! Many organizations have jumped onto this bandwagon. Earlier, there was skepticism and concerns that employees might crash the site due to the amount of networking done on popular social networking sites. But employees completely surprised their employers. After the initial check and a cursory ‘Hello’ nothing much happened.

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    Ramco Insider Releases Today

    Admin Kripaa No Comments Feb 08,2013 Newsroom, Events

    Ramco Systems, which is among the leaders in Cloud Technology, launches its newsletter–Ramco Insider. Designed as a monthly, the newsletter will take a quick look at all the major developments in the company over the last month, including product releases&upgrades, new order wins, sponsored events, media coverage and so on.

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    Business Intelligence for Banks

    Business Intelligence is Intelligent Banking

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    Ramco ERP on Cloud becomes location-aware with Google Maps

    Admin Kripaa No Comments Feb 06,2013 Newsroom, Events, Press releases

    Ramco ERP on Cloud has taken another stride towards becoming available globally. Partnering with Google’s Enterprise team, Ramco systems has added the feature of Location-awareness and capabilities of visualization to its base products. Ramco systems will deliver these features by integrating Google Maps with Ramco’s ERP on Cloud solution.Owing to this, Ramco users will be able to monitor their business from anywhere, anytime.

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    Benefits of exploiting IaaS for business

    Admin Kripaa No Comments Feb 04,2013 Best Practices, Others

    Infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) has been a revolution to IT solutions. The whole idea of availing services like servers, storage and networking on an off-site basis is indeed intriguing and in many ways beneficial. So, how does the Cloud IaaS benefit you?

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    Issues hindering the impeccable administrating system of local government in India

    Apparently, local government is liable for and plays an imperative role in raising the living standards of the citizens. The governing skills of the government are one of the decisive factors determining the growth of the country. However, today’s local government is struggling with a series of issues which in turn affects the citizen’s life precariously. Predominantly, local government also known as LG, is confronting challenging issues in day to day life. This blog emphasizes on the issues...

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    After the factors pushing BI and the benefits of BI covered in Part1 , Part2 and Part3, it is time to look at the future. Did you know that in-memory analytics tools can be invaluable? Read below to learn more!

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