Designing Software So That You Spend Less Time Using It

    That’s exactly what we are attempting to do with our new user interfaces. Ironic isn’t it?

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    Best Practices to Follow During Requirements Elicitation

    Prajit K Jayarajan No Comments Mar 27,2013 Best Practices, Others

    “You will be the on-site consultant for this project” are words that some cherish while others dread to hear. Nevertheless, for a Business Analyst, it is inevitable that sooner or later this opportunity presents itself. It is an accepted fact that today, the role of a Business Analyst has diversified to include, among other activities, document creation, facilitating meetings, approving plans, developing processes, building customer relations and even making lunch for the team.

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    Go Mobile with Ramco ERP on Cloud

    Gone are the days when one had to struggle with complex user interfaces and get stuck with inconsistent applications. The time has come to get rid of the old traditional systems and upgrade to something that would change the way one works and revolutionize the way we do things. With work-rate being the top priority nowadays, everyone is working on the go as multi-tasking is clearly the new trend that has made ‘Enterprise Mobility’ the new buzz word in the industry today. With people working...

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    Travel & Expense Submission Made Fun

    Has it ever happened that you have had to raise travel requests but do not know what travel class or hotel grade you are eligible for; or you receive a travel request for approval but are blind sighted because you do not know what the estimated costs are and don’t have the time to go web hunting for the estimated costs; have you ever raised an expense request for a trip and had to manually enter the expense items while raising the travel request!!! With Ramco’s HCM Suite you can kiss these...

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    Measuring Aviation MRO Supply Chain through SCOR® Processes and Metrics

    Supply Chain Operations Reference (SCOR®) framework is adopted by organizations to measure, manage and benchmark the performance of the supply chain. SCOR process and metrics are broad based and can be adapted to any industry or application. As Aviation Maintenance Repair & Overhaul (MRO) is a service, measuring the supply chain management through SCOR framework will open a new perspective for managing the chain.

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    T’way Flies with Ramco

    Admin Kripaa No Comments Mar 12,2013 Case Studies, Knowledge Bank

    What started out as Hansung Airlines, in Seoul, South Korea, back in early 2004 was reborn as T’way in 2010 under a new leadership team with a distinct vision. Since then, the carrier has received an incredible response. As the next step, the management had decided to have a strong backing on the IT front. And that is where Ramco stepped in with its Aviation Suite to meet the ERP needs of T’way.

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    Supporting Workforce Mobility

    Traditionally, a mobile workforce is defined as one that does not have a fixed place of work or one which moves between work locations and is linked to the company and its resources through virtual private networks, the Internet, and mobile networks. It was this set of people that initially necessitated workforce mobility support and although they were limited in number, the mobility support was usually optional.. It was limited in terms of the number of people to be supported, the numbers...

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    Are Mainstream Accounting Solutions Good Enough for an Aviation Enterprise?

    The Financial Controller of one of our customers shared a recent experience of their month-end book closure processes uncovering inventory pile-ups at one of their remote maintenance bases. This detection was apparently made possible by an “Account Inquiry” page within our application! He was impressed with the level of visibility that not only allowed them to spot and address an internal process issue in a timely manner, but more importantly, helped them avert a potential scrutiny by the...

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    Radisson Case Study

    Admin Kripaa No Comments Mar 06,2013 Case Studies, Knowledge Bank

    Radisson Blu Edwardian hotels are a collection of luxury hotels spread across London, Heathrow and Manchester. With a turnover of more than $22bn, Radisson is part of the hospitality industry giant, Carlson. With its large number of employees, Radisson faced critical problems in managing them. Ramco ERP on Cloud significantly helped Radisson in steering its Human Capital onto an efficient route.

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    Designing a Portlet to Enhance User Experience

    Users are tired of wasting time by navigating to and from different sources. At the same time, they want the information to be organized so that it is not overloaded. To solve this, we have designed a Manager Analytics portlet with the help of Ramco’s PDK (Portal Developmental Kit) tool. Portlets are visual representations of data; usually role based i.e. if a manager signs in then it will show what is relevant for the manager. If I’m looking at a coworker’s portlet, it will give me the...

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    Optimize Aircraft Spares Inventory through Float Management

    In the Aviation Industry, Spare Parts Management plays a vital role in achieving the desired availability of aircrafts. Some of the unique challenges faced during aviation spare parts management include moving assets, long and variable lead times, OEM dependencies, maintenance policies governed by regulators and demand unpredictability.

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    When it Comes to Application Performance, User is Still God

    In today’s IT environment, every solution provider is gaga about their application and endeavors to vindicate its pre-eminence, omitting the performance of the application and expectations of the business. However, IT solution providers should distinctly comprehend that the key to meeting the business requirements still relies on the performance of the application. High performance applications yields customer satisfaction, productive employees and enhances revenue which in turn, ultimately...

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