Stress: Kick it Out!

    Stressful life experiences are sometimes unavoidable. You probably experience good stress and bad stress on a daily basis. Good stress is best described as the adrenaline rush you feel when you rise to challenges. Bad stress feeds on worry, fear and anxiety, and creates a vicious cycle of harmful stress that can lead to health problems. Bad stress can also get embedded into your life when it’s consistent; like the stress that comes from ongoing work-related issues, family struggles, or...

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    The Solution That Saved The Airline And My Christmas Eve!

    Christmas Eve last year, I was getting late for home. Even though I’m the flight operation controller, the only thought on my mind, while finishing off the last chores of the day, was of my family at the dinner table with a roasted turkey eagerly awaiting me!

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    Winds of Change Hit The BPO Industry

    Kumaran P No Comments Apr 22,2013 Products & Services, Services

    These last few years have seen major changes in the way organizations work; from controlling your firm from any corner of the earth to having everything you need on a virtual platform, the cloud. And like every industry, the BPO Industry has been affected by this change and to maintain its foothold in the industry, they have to look towards developing new capabilities. This has reflected on the BPO sector in the form of new challenges that they need to face in the present.

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    Planning Your Workforce: The Gen-Y Way

    Workforce planning is all about getting the right people, with the right skills, in the right jobs, at the right time. As put by the former CEO of GE, Jack Welch,

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    Going Minimalistic with Mobile Leave

    There have been several interesting reactions to Ramco’s mobile leave application. We tried Ramco HCM Suite’s leave application feature with several users internally and we have seen some amusing reactions as well:

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    The Future Of ERP: Mobility

    ERP was a revolutionary trend that companies have lapped over time. However providing services anywhere anytime, be it a social application like Whatsapp or a business driving application like ERP, has become a requirement in the modern world. Mobile ERP is all about accessing various services offered by any ERP software through a mobile device such as smartphones or tablets.

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    There’s ‘imple…men..ta…tion….’ And then there’s ‘implementation!’

    It is a well-known fact that any major IT upgrade in an organization is a time consuming affair. And when it comes to ERP, the implementation takes sometimes well over a year. Or does it?

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    Rewarding an Employee for Appropriate Business Conduct

    It goes without saying that happy customers impact the bottom-line positively. For a customer to be happy, they need to be served by skilled and motivated employees. Organizations wanting to maintain a premium brand or running an effective customer service operation are very conscious of how employees conduct themselves in front of customers. Modern day talent managers organize expensive training programs to educate employees. Labeled popularly as behavioral training, they seek to impart...

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    A Hassle Free Customs Clearance Solution for Aircraft Spares

    Balaji D No Comments Apr 03,2013 Aviation, Ramco Aviation Suite

    A hassle free custom clearance solution for aircraft spare parts has always been a priority for the airline operators. Customs clearance, a fundamental component of the supply chain, plays a vital role in the regulation and supervision of international trade. All international trade, whether by air, sea or road, is accompanied by a bunch of paperwork or its digital equivalents. There’s no sidestepping the reality of manifests, airway bills, customs duties, import/export taxes, VAT, excise...

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    Mobility on The Shop Floor

    As the world moves on day after day in every walk of life, an interesting phenomenon is settling itself into enterprise computing space as well. Mobile solutions are storming into enterprise application space. And it’s happening quickly as well.

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