An ERP Dilemma: Tailor Stitched OR Ready Made?

    Today, the market is flooded with numerous brands of ERP addressing different verticals of various industries. However, companies still feel the need to develop their own IT solutions tailored completely to their requirements rather than going for a standard solution. A parallel can be drawn in our daily lives to our dressing practices where we like to buy our clothes from a branded store or have them stitched from our local tailor. Indeed the local tailor may stitch the dress specifically...

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    Transition from Smart System to Smart World & Next to Smart Sensor

    Let’s presume there were two worlds where one is the digital reflection of the other. The real world is dappled with sensors, whereas the digital world is an identical structural build of the software. Indeed, this is the vision of many foreign countries. The commendable fact is that the real and digital worlds are converging. The ingenious inventions of connected sensors, cameras, and ubiquitous wireless networks are the working proof of it.

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    How to Improve Self Confidence

    The first and foremost thing for a confident person is his or her personal hygiene. Right from your hair, fingers and skin keep them clean and well maintained. Take care of your skin by taking proper food and drink enough water. Then comes the dressing part wear clothes that fit you well. Do not ware loose or baggy type of pants. Good posture has an immediate and lasting impact on your confidence. Always hold your head high, do not bend and walk. This will boost up your confidence. Walk smartly...

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    Time Management

    Time management plays a vital role in every organization. Unclear objectives, disorganization and inability to say no are obstacles of time management. Frequent interruptions and periods of inactivity are some more obstacles for effective time management. How can we overcome this?

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    Exceptions Handling in Ramco HCM

    Shyaam Sunder No Comments May 24,2013 Ramco HCM Suite

    Exceptions are events that are not handled through systematic approaches and can occur in our day-to-day life affecting our productivity. It’s important to tailor systems that can handle exceptions and process them appropriately, while highlighting it for posterity and analysis.

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    Tune Up Your Software

    Celine Dion’s “My Heart will go on” is one of the best selling singles of all time. James Cameroon decided to go with the song she sung during dress rehearsal in the final recording as he considered it to be ‘pitch perfect’. Performers treat dress rehearsal as the final push before the main event. Except for the audience, tickets and stage fright, everything else is set and performers give in their best so that their actual performance is flawless. One cannot imagine performing in front of...

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    Enterprise Application Integration: Revolutionizing Work Everywhere

    Ever tried fitting a square piece in a circular space? Well, that’s what Enterprise Application Integration is all about; taking two different entities and linking them through seamless integration. Third-Party integration provides a simple, secure way to combine the information of one or more applications into a third-party service, enabling you to assemble your system/ working model the way you want it. The key advantage of Enterprise Application Integration is the freedom to integrate...

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    Process Excellence for Running Operations

    Business Operations & Process Excellence practices enable companies to transform into an agile and flexible organization and equip them to promptly respond to various challenges faced by them. A company will employ our capabilities in process reengineering and Six-Sigma based process improvement initiatives to increase process efficiency.

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    When we don’t pay our bills, then what?

    Part II

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    Integrating M&E Application with The Machines of Tomorrow

    I was with Donald (the shift in charge at a main stream airline) at the hanger when the sight of the cross wind landing made my heart skip a couple of beats. The strong crosswind took its toll on the pilots and clipped off the left wingtip of the B7X7. As the pilot brought the bird to a halt, Don’s hand held device broke the silence with a sharp beep.

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    When We Don’t Pay Our Bills, Then What?

    Part I

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    Extensibility of ERP Made Painless

    The best ERP Solutions are designed and developed based on industry best practices. People with domain knowledge are engaged in designing the product. ERP customers see the implementation as a way to streamline their functions across departments in the organization and ensure that the different parts of the organization are more cohesive. Use of best practices also enables compliance to regulatory requirements such as those of GAAP, FAA, EASA, SOX etc.

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    Total Quality Management and Continuous Improvement

    Many organizations are operating in losses due to poor quality of their offerings in the modern consumer driven world. Quality was seen as a way to combat the competition. Total Quality Management (TQM) is the art of managing the entire process to achieve excellence.

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