Expectation From A Leader

    Leadership to me is leading people, influencing people, commanding people, guiding people. The different ways of leading are by position, personality, charisma, moral example, power held etc… An intellectual leader should always be able to accomplish things swiftly and smoothly. Leaders focus on people, do the right things, inspire, motivate people and build sharp entities. But being a leader is not all about motivating and inspiring, but leaders also have to make some very crucial decisions...

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    Achieving Procurement Excellence in Global Aviation MRO

    ERP in Aviation industry has been about integrating Maintenance, Finance, Supply Chain Management and Human Capital Management within a company. With most airlines being global, the possibility of requiring MRO facility in one country while operating from another and procurement from a third country are high. ERP systems implemented in standalone companies will no longer satisfy the organization’s traceability requirements across countries.

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    ERP for the Pipe Manufacturing Industry

    Organizations place a high value on specialists. It is because they believe that a specialist adds more value than a jack of all trades. Then why is it that when it comes to ERP solutions, companies implement standard solutions and then spend time, money and effort in training the staff to work with it. For an ERP solution to add value to the business, it needs to cater to the specific requirements of the industry.

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    Delivering at the Anchorage and the Deep Sea!

    Aswin K No Comments Jun 19,2013 Logistics, Industry Solutions

    Emergency logistics techniques are currently used to deliver the spare parts required for a ship as soon as possible onboard the vessel during offshore logistics activities. But emergency techniques are not the way to handle any requirement every time. Considering this necessity, Ramco Systems looks at how best we can help the shipping companies to be time sensitive and deliver the spares and marine parts as scheduled.

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    “Business Analyst – The Agents of Change”

    While pitching in with the daily office work, I always ask myself “What does a Business Analyst actually do”. This seems to be a million dollar question, especially when you are an entry level business analyst and are trying to review your job profile against your daily activities. As a Business Analyst we are asked to do many things: requirements gathering, documentation, feasibility studies, test case management and act as a bridge between the functional and technical groups. One may look...

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    Background of SRP – A blessing to the Professional Services Industry

    What is SRP all about? Sounds sophisticated? Sounds new? Well, SRP (Services Resource Planning) is in simple words, an ERP software specifically designed for Professional Services organizations. While a traditional ERP is product centric, SRP is project centric and caters to any firm that is resource/people driven. Some of the typical industry segments that require SRP are IT/ITeS, Consulting, Research & Development and Engineering where the business revolves around service delivery contracts...

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    Exceptions Handling in Ramco HCM - Part II

    The concept of exceptions and their handling (in Ramco HCM) was introduced in the first part of this blog. We now go on to examine exceptions in more detail. This is important as exceptional events have both business and operational impact. When analyzed carefully, they can explain business outcomes better than what normal data can.

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    Airline E&M: India - Winds of Change

    The recently concluded Airline E&M conference at New Delhi focusing on India’s Aviation saw wide participation from commercial and general aviation companies, leading MRO’s from India & abroad and Global OEM‘s. Speakers from various organizations discussed the important market developments, key challenges faced, opportunities for growth and most importantly, the Indian government’s renewed focus in this Industry.

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    If Not Now, Then When?

    The administrative skill is one of the chief factors to accomplish success in any type of operations. When an inventive approach is required to administer even small scale operations successfully, imagine the level of intricacy with a large scale operation, say by the government, should set strategies to achieve the same. As a matter of fact, any ruling party of the local government will not venture on this aspect, as it is one of the decisive factors in determining the fate of one’s reign. The...

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    What About Having A Logistics & Shipping Package?

    Aswin K No Comments Jun 06,2013 Logistics, Industry Solutions

    Apart from the generally known fact that Ramco’s Shipping & Transportation Management Solution Suite is an end-to-end solution with rich features and best-in-class functionality, Ramco now adds more color to its Shipping and Logistics module with the new user friendly and stylish screens that the Gen-Y interface offers. To add to that, keeping in mind the current set of new-age users, Ramco has focused on providing professionals with solutions ‘On the Go’. One can now access their system from...

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    Could Solution: Evaded ‘The Emergency landing’, Made You 7 Crores Richer & Simplified ‘The Mammoth Task’?

    Point to Ponder- 1:

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