Procurement Solution Landscape for Banks- Part-2

    Jasneet Bagga No Comments Jul 26,2013 Ramco Analytics Suite

    Having understood the basics of e procurement solutions and few reasons why banks would need them in part1, below is the landscape of the procurement market and what could be the recommended solution for your bank!

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    Procurement Solution Landscape for Banks- Part1

    Enhance profitability and remain a cost competitive bank through efficient Procurement Solution

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    Are You Future Ready?

    For the smooth functioning of a business, it is essential that the roster is managed well. What is meant by it is, the company should have plans to fill in vacancies (especially the unexpected ones). If you don’t have a well nurtured bench of talents, there might be crippling stutters in case of an unexpected shift in the business. Succession planning is the way out of this.

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    User Interfaces that ‘click’ with the Users

    Gurjeev Singh Bagga No Comments Jul 19,2013 Ramco HCM Suite

    User Interfaces - What was thought of as a communication medium between the user and system has become a strategic differentiator between successful and unsuccessful applications or products or services.

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    Is Cloud Viable for Your Company?

    Is Cloud simply a Buzz Word, a hype that will run its course in a constant flux of technology innovations or a delivery framework that will deliver financial and strategic value to an enterprise? CIO’s today are often faced with this dilemma but there is no simple mathematical formula for them to measure the ROI of cloud adoption. CIO’s are left with a multitude of complex parameters to choose the quantum and timing of their cloud investments to deliver monetary and strategic returns.

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    Cloud Computing Continues to Stay Strong

    With one of our previous blog posts back in 2011, that anticipated the ten facts that proved cloud computing is here to stay, we have even more reasons now to show you that cloud computing continues to stay stronger in 2013 and for many more years to come.

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    Geospatial Technology in the Logistics Industry

    Geospatial Decision Making (GeoDec) systems accurately integrates satellite imagery, three-dimensional models, textures and video streams, road data, maps, point data etc... Such systems are very effective and help in handling logistics, especially container tracking.

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    Ramco HCM: The WOW Experience

    Poornima S No Comments Jul 03,2013 Ramco HCM Suite

    As a HR professional and user of Ramco HCM, all I can say is WOW!!! It’s not only because it is easy to use but because of the business transformations that has accompanied moving from a traditional in-house ERP to a Gen-Y experience, including Mobility, a Cool UI, and Social interface!!!

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    Mobility in ERP

    Traditional ERP Applications have suffered from a lack of user engagement. ERP applications have for long been relegated to business back office usage and consequently suffered from underutilization. Some of the largest ERP deployments have failed with users complaining of severe usability issues. Industry experts will concur that lack of user acceptance in the lifecycle of an ERP solution is the single biggest deterrent to delivering value through an ERP.

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    Method Acting and Talent Management

    Whether one follows Strasberg or Meisner (advocates and coaches of method acting), award worthy acting performances don’t happen unless one can relate to the role that one is contracted to play. One would have to get a deep understanding of (a) the characterization of the role, (b) situation that must be enacted, (c) psychological state of the character in that situation, and (d) immerse themselves into those moments that contain that situation so as to relate to other players and deliver...

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