HR Software Solutions Interfaces versus Integration

    Niraj Pradhan No Comments Aug 29,2013 Ramco HCM Suite

    Expect to hear the terms interface and integration frequently during your search for a HR Software Solution. Both refer to the interaction of two systems, but there are differences and it’s important that we understand them. An interface usually requires work on your part and data exchange does not happen in real time. Integration, however, is automatic and requires no work on your end. Either provides the capability to eliminate time consuming, error-prone double entries, but because...

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    10 Emerging Trends in ERP

    Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) isn’t a hyped concept anymore. It’s reality, and it’s here to stay. Knowing the emerging trends in ERP provides the opportunity to understand what one should do in their enterprise to achieve the desired results from an ERP implementation. So, what are the top 10 emerging trends in ERP?

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    Securing Hardware Using Software

    Balaji Sakkarai No Comments Aug 26,2013 Ramco GRP Suite

    Educational institutions, Government organizations, Hospitals etc… are being computerized nowadays. The usage of computers has become more a necessity than a need. The maintenance and security of hardware has become an important aspect for senior management. Considering the security aspects, it is necessary to understand the Application Program Interface, more commonly known as API.

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    10 Points to Remember When Getting Started With an ERP

    Installing an ERP system is easy; getting it to deliver the expected results is not. That’s where most ERP implementations fail. If you’re just getting started, here are a few useful tips to achieve the desired results:

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    Accurate Time Tracking: A Necessity

    Pradeep Sundararaj S No Comments Aug 21,2013 Ramco HCM Suite

    Time is a limited resource and is always a critical aspect in all business strategies. Businesses - small, medium or large, tend to adopt new processes to account for the time spent by their mobile and non-mobile workforce. These processes should be well supported by the system that is used to track the time spent by employees and has to answer some important business questions such as:

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    Why has Manufacturing Software Become so Popular?

    An ERP solution is fast becoming a requirement in the manufacturing industry. Whether it is used for Material Requirements Planning (MRP), Manufacturing Execution System (MES), Manufacturing Accounting or Production Planning & Scheduling, the industry is rapidly adopting an ERP solution to improve efficiency and aid growth. It has been aided by various market trends such as vendor consolidation, intelligent inventory tagging, adoption of cloud technologies and the use of mobile devices.

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    Centralizing in the Shipping & Logistics Industry

    Aswin K No Comments Aug 12,2013 Logistics, Industry Solutions

    Recent steps taken in the Middle East and various other countries to protect their citizen’s job interests have put some pressure on the private sector management. The regulation for minimum wages and quality of resource has become a challenging issue for many sectors, including Shipping and Logistics. This problem is at a nascent stage and many countries across the globe are expected to follow suite in protecting the interests of the local people, which is necessary as far as a country’s...

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    Privacy Matters – Impact on HR Technology in Malaysia

    Gurinder Pal Singh No Comments Aug 08,2013 Ramco HCM Suite

    As an employer, companies collect personal data from their employees for purposes such as benefits, entitlement and regulatory reporting. Over the past few years, there have been numerous cases of data breach and many outfits selling pirated personal data have been exposed. While in Europe and the US there are stringent laws on personal data protection, many countries in Asia still lag behind. Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Philippines, Thailand and recently Singapore and Malaysia have...

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    HR and Technology meet at Churning Point

    Namrutha Ramanathan No Comments Aug 07,2013 Newsroom, Events

    If there is one thing that every Ramcoite is talking about for the past few weeks, it would be “The Churning Point”; an event that we are organizing along with Network 18, where the world of HR and Technology come together to analyze one’s impact on the other. The best of minds - including Mr. S Y Siddiqui, Chief Operating Officer, Maruti Suzuki India Ltd, Mr. Sameer Wadhawan, Vice President – HR, Coca Cola India & South West Asia, Mr. Hitesh Oberoi, Managing Director & Chief Executive...

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    Accelerating the Service to Execution Cycle

    Customers are, without a second thought, the most important part of a business. Building a loyal customer base has long term gains, especially for retail businesses. A fluid service to execution process is thus vital for a business to be successful. A manual system to sort complaints and allocations is highly inefficient when there are over a hundred customers with a high frequency of service calls. The velocity, volume and variety of complaints would eventually reach a tipping point. Managing...

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