Integrated Aviation Maintenance System for Remote Operations

    Helicopter Operators are facing a huge challenge in managing their critical data, especially when their operations are spread across the world. Availability of right data at the right time becomes a critical factor for effective maintenance planning. Helicopter operations have been globalized to such an extent that its usage has spread to several areas where it is tough for any other medium of transportation to reach. For remote operations, data connectivity is the main resource requirement...

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    Business Intelligence doesn’t Guarantee Smart Business Decisions

    The true essence of Business Intelligence lies not in simply implementing the system, but ensuring that it works for your organization.

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    SAAS is Becoming a Necessity rather than an Option

    For most organizations around the world, implementing SaaS based software services is becoming a necessity rather than an option. Enterprise CTO’s have realized this it is high time they optimized their IT budgets and leverage the cloud for greater security and latest updates in an ever-changing IT landscape. One of the biggest advantages of using SaaS is remote workers are compliant with the organization’s security policies.

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    Warranty AKA Piggy Bank of an Airline Operator

    Business in Aviation

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    How Big Data will Transform HR Decisions

    For quite some time, the technological landscape has been sprinkled with the term ‘Big Data’. Throughout the year 2012, it had been a technological buzzword and the coming year would see new applications of Big Data. Among such futuristic visions of business, is the use of Big Data analytics in making HR decisions.

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    Are Customizations Really Possible in Cloud Enterprise Apps?

    Every book on accounting and commerce talks about business’ perpetual existence and uniqueness. It is the latter quality that gets emphasized so much that everything that a business needs doesn’t fit in a standard, already made software. The level of customization upto which a product can adapt practically decides its stay in the market. If a business expects everything to suit its needs, the enterprise application that helps run it all becomes no exception.

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    Reducing Cycle Time for MRO Operations

    Mahesh K No Comments Sep 16,2013 Ramco Aviation Suite

    Everyday somewhere in the world flights are stopped or halted, on need of unscheduled maintenance work. This can be eliminated only through proper work execution during regular maintenance.

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    Security Issues while Switching from One Cloud Platform to Another

    With more and more organizations choosing to migrate their existing infrastructure to a cloud model, the first move is often to a private cloud for various reasons. Later down the line, however, it may be necessary to migrate again, to a public cloud this time. The reasons for these transitions are numerous, but an evident advantage of hybrid public/private cloud architecture or fully public systems is greatly reduced costs. Utilizing a third-party cloud provider's systems enables greater...

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    In-Memory Computing is the Need of the Hour

    Since the advent of relational databases for business applications, the data stored in RDBMS has been utilized for computing critical optimizations like Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP), fraudulent credit card transactions etc... The earlier databases relied on storage that was very expensive and hence the data was minimized; for e.g. saving data in tables without the century digits, which later led to the Y2K problem. It involved significant cost and effort to solve the Y2K problem...

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    Keeping it in the Company

    It is obvious that leadership is one of the most important aspects for the success of a business. However, many of the incumbent managers or executives are too casual while promoting someone to the helm. While being talented is a key factor, there are many instinctive qualities which a leader has to have in order to stir a business forward. Therefore, along with performance, there are many other attributes that should be brought into consideration.

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    Use of Gamification in HR Space

    Whether its lessons learnt from the Panchatantra or Aesop’s fables, the element of story-telling has clearly been effective in getting the message across. Customer loyalty programs are thought to be a technique in gamification by some. Medicine goes down easier with a spoonful of sugar says Mary Poppins. So used to these “sugar-coated” techniques are skeptics that you will often find them saying, “Cut the chase and tell me what you want…”

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    The Future of ERP and its Impact on Manufacturing

    The advent of ERP has significantly boosted efficiency and simplified back-office process automation in a wide range of manufacturing industries. This spreads across discrete and process production based industries. The biggest beneficiaries of such automation were without a doubt the large enterprises as they were the early adopters of ERP systems. Their SME counterparts were fence sitters, but soon realized the potential ERP offered and followed suit.

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