Towards More Productive Onboarding

    With competition increasing in the business domain and customer experience becoming more and more crucial, the need of the hour is to inculcate a successful onboarding process. The aim is twofold: get in the right talent that will flourish in accordance with its strengths, and that recruiting and re-skilling costs can be minimized. With these aims in mind, here are a few tips to ensure more effective onboarding in your organization:

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    HR Insulted As A Black Hole or White Elephant – For How Long?

    Shankar Bharatan No Comments Mar 21,2014 Ramco HCM Suite

    Investing in technology for HR floors is not a boondoggle anymore if you have the guts, the elevators and the logic to push forward

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    Improving Field Service Dramatically

    Field service is the elephant in the room when it comes to organizational efficiency. Even though leadership is frequently fixated at the two extremes of the supply chain—that is, production and consumption—it is in field service that most of the resources are being exhausted. And most of the times, the output is poor. Instead of keeping on pumping manpower into it, perhaps it’s time to give it a critical look and do something different.

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    Search Your Winning Formula!

    Knowledge is power, but time can be our enemy. Remember the last time we spent hours in simply trying to locate relevant data to solve a problem? You know the data exist in the system but don’t always know where to find it. The fact that the business environment is too fast paced and competitive, we don’t find the luxury to search for the data for hours, days or weeks to navigate mountains of data. When you need information, you need it now and you need it in the right context. If only you...

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    Employee Engagement Done Right

    Every organization dreams of employee engagement that goes on increasing and hits its peak right when the company comes of age. Except that it never happens that way. The hard reality is that in today’s chaotic talent-management scenario, HR managers are left chasing new talent as they struggle to retain the star performers. The reason? They think they follow best practices of employee engagement, but they don’t.

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