Think of New distribution strategies

    Aswin K No Comments Apr 30,2014 Logistics

    The challenges for the distribution channel could be easily taken care by a good WMS system in place . Distribution centers now a days are under constant pressure to be faster, more accurate and more efficient, while at the same time accommodating the fickle demands of the end customer. Some macro-level supply chain trends are making a dramatic impact on distribution. In the retail channel, consumers have ratcheted up their expectations around doing business with a brand, expecting a seamless...

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    HR Outsourcing – Is Operational HR Preventing You From Being A Strategic Partner?

    Key things to consider before outsourcing HR operations, and after

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    Key HR Technology Trends To Watch Out In 2014

    With the companies today publicly declaring that their employees are the most valuable assets and with the term Human Resources itself evolving into Human Capital these days, it is only evident that the way HR is managed is also changing. Considering the technological trends and the evolving HR department, there are a few trends to watch out for in this field during the year 2014.

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    Can you Go Lean with your ERP?

    Lean and ERP – “A shotgun wedding”or “A happily ever after”?

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    Social Recruiting - Towards More Productive Onboarding!

    Richa Pande No Comments Apr 08,2014 Latest Trends, Best Practices

    As I mentioned in my previous blog, with competition increasing in the business domain and customer experience becoming more and more crucial, the need of the hour is to inculcate a successful on boarding process. Hence the aim here is twofold: tapping the right talent that will flourish in accordance with its strength, and minimizing the recruiting and re-skilling costs. To meet these aims, best in class companies adopt Social Recruiting, which is the next generation recruitment method that...

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    Let’s do Smart Business

    Aren’t you overcome with nostalgia when you think of the childhood games you played? For me Jeopardy is that game. The clues are presented in the form of answers and the contestants phrase their responses in question form -the game is a lot tougher than it actually sounds. The business transactions between an operator and MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul) provider is like playing a game of Jeopardy. An airline operator knows that he needs to keep his airplane up and running but still...

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