Still Wondering About That Cloud Tattoo?

    Just because it’s in fashion and a young trend, does not mean you should jump and get that cool scar. Unless of course…….

    ERP on Cloud! That could have sounded as outrageous as torn jeans or wrinkled shirts or tangerine hair streaks. Such uber-stylish stuff is better left for experimentation of teens, is what you would have thought, and rightly so.

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    Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) in Aircraft Maintenance

    Binil John No Comments May 22,2014 Aviation, Ramco Aviation Suite

    Will you take your car to maintenance centers when you spotted minute oil seepage on it? Of course you can, but mostly you will wait for the next service due date. What if it is a major engine breakdown? You may have no options left with, but go for maintenance. This is because the severity and consequences of an engine breakdown is enormously higher than oil seepage from your car. But it can be seen that the occurrence of such catastrophic breakdown will be quite lower, maybe once in four...

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    Less Is More. Approaching A Software Product, The Minimalist Way!

    Some aimless googling on a Sunday afternoon introduced me to an interesting concept called ‘Minimalism’. Innumerable definitions appear on the screen to explain minimalism as a philosophy, religion, way of living.., in whatever way you want it. There are even checklists available to test if you are a minimalist -“If clutter makes you crazy, you might be a minimalist”, “If there are less than 33 things in your closet, you might be a minimalist”, “If you don’t have a junk drawer, you might be...

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    Workforce Management Challenges In IT-BPM Industry

    Richa Pande No Comments May 14,2014 Ramco HCM Suite

    The world has become a global village and the workplace is changing. With this HR has also changed and is increasingly being seen as a strategic linchpin – one that needs to work closely with all other departments to help drive business strategy and success.People-related issues are slowly becoming the heart of the boardroom agenda. HR leaders are under more pressure to show results and take accountability. With these changing times, issues that come on the radar of HR managers have also become...

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    How To Avoid Static Shocks From Software Code

    If you do up-front inspections and if you use static analysis before testing begins, your schedule will be shrunk by at least 50% and your software quality will be above 95%,”- CarperJones,leading specialist in software engineering methodologies Jones believes that static code analysis and inspections of individual lines of code should be done before the testing phase in order to allow testing to catch the remaining bugs and provide a secure, stable product for customers. The business...

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    Seven Key HR Technology Trends To Watch Out In 2014 , Part-2

    Is your HR kit tech-proof, future-ready and emergency-friendly? Keep ticking

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    Cloud ERP Forecasts: Better than you think

    Balaji M No Comments May 06,2014

    Cloud ERP is here to stay, but how much can we expect it to grow? Recently the research firm Gartner came up with some estimates for the coming decade. According to it, 47% of the organizations were planning to migrate to cloud within five years. At the same time, though, 30% of the companies said they’d like to retain control and use an on-premises system. However, many experts are of the opinion that the actual growth is very likely to beat these estimates by a huge margin. They reason...

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    The Broken Myths

    I know a friend who recently started a company. He created a financial product for the other startups. No doubt that the product was great and very useful. He kept on asking his friends for the feedback including me and we gave him generous feedback and helped him improve upon the product. Everything was done and he launched the product.

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