User Documentation for Software Products - A “One Size Fits All” Approach????

    Business organizations are increasingly seeing the penetration of software products at their operational layers. With more advanced capabilities and automations being built in, business applications also bring with them a high level of complexities that are thrust on the users of the product.

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    The Case of a Double-Shot

    Isn’t it strange that while the Titanic was built by professionals, the Ark was made by amateurs?

    MR. SHARMA is the best neighbor in a certain society (let’s not take names) in a certain two-tier town in India. That’s not just because he is accomplished, compassionate, intelligent, warm, cheerful and a good citizen. But more so because he gives ample reasons to his neighbours to gossip behind his back. The criticism that keeps these neighbours and their tongues pleasantly occupied is about his...

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    BYOD: The Individual Differentiator

    What keeps you stand out, is how you standout from the rest.

    This is not just by building a big team, or providing a long roadmap, promising the globe and delivering the town. Its all about surprising those who believe in you and making them appreciate internally that they have made a good choice in you.

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    You Have A POINT, We Have A SOLUTION

    It’s a well-known fact that maintenance costs itself covers about 12-14% of the total operating expenditure for a company. Naturally, after investing huge amount on maintenance and other operational activities, Airlines and MRO’s are very specific when it comes to the selection of IT Solutions or an ERP system.

    This is where ‘Point solutions’ comes in.

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    Taking Off From An IT Runway Instead Of Regular Tarmac – Leveraging Ramco's Leap Methodology

    Introduction to LEAN:

    Lean philosophy regards anything that doesn’t add value to a process or a product or that for which the customer is not willing to pay for, as waste and should be eliminated. The lean thinking had its beginning in the early 20th century from the works of Mr. Henry Ford, who integrated an entire production process to eliminate wastes. The lean thinking was further taken to a new level by Toyota who defined the Toyota Production System.

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    The Bell Curve – A Boon Or A Bane

    Next time you jump into a cliché HR appraisal cycle, look for a new inflection point

    It’s easy (comfortably lazy too) to define an individual by one overarching trait. If someone is good at pampering clients – put him in the achiever carton. If someone is struggling with targets for some hard-to-decipher culture reason, still, put him in a non-achiever square. If someone has clocked enough hours on his CV, slot him in the ‘experienced’ bracket. And vice versa!

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    Ramco enlivens the women power - Team 155 at 24th Rallye Aiche Des Gazelles Du Maroc , Paris.

    The story that scribbles through the success of Ramco can be compacted to a few derivatives like courage, loyalty, determination, “out of the box”- passionate ideas, continuous challenge and an urge to push through limitations – the derivatives that take us way above our limits-at every step of what we do.

    And for every space of common motive we always like to come up and fill the void with whatever we can.

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