Workforce Analytics is a necessity today for HR to play a strategic role

    Isn’t it strange that after all these years the HR-classroom-pet matrix ‘Blake and Mouton’ or that notorious ‘9 by 9’ grid remains unperturbed in a box? So many leaders have come and retired, so many CEOs and their biographies have come and gone but still, the two axes stay stubbornly, diagonally awry.

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    Secrets to Outstanding Customer Support

    Effective customer support is the key to success of any organization. It is a journey travelled together with the customer throughout their period of usage. We will have to plan multiple stages of this support based on various factors such as number of years of usage, usage pattern, support need, changing business, onsite support, etc. Customer gets to understand the intricacies of our product only when it is put to complete use. This is the stage when we move out from the Utopian world and get...

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    No more can HR ignore social media

    Social Media is a force to reckon with. It’s high time you think beyond head-in-the-sand measures to deal with it

    First we were surprised at how we even used to breathe without this wonder called Google, then we were amazed at why no one had thought of Facebook before and soon we were happy (and sometimes angry) living as birds, whether on Twitter or on a game.

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    Airline Alliances – E&M Imperative

    It’s a fact that passengers benefit significantly by flying in an Airline which is part of 3 major global alliances; Star Alliance, One World and Sky Team. For example a person flying in star alliance member airline can connect to 1269 airports in 193 countries seamlessly. Alliance members get benefited by getting access to the member’s seat capacity, network destinations and optimized route economics.

    Do these alliances offer any benefits to the MRO side of business?

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    ERP for EPC: Square Pegs, Square Holes

    Whenever ink bleeds over a line, blood and sweat soon follow. Nodding already? Check this out

    EVERY genius architect was once just a kid with a box of crayons and a big sheet of paper. With the drawing teacher’s simple rule holding his fingers – never let your sun, cloud, hill, cottage, fish, crow, tree, boat cross the boundary.

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