Information: Do Not Share, Just Commoditize?

    Information, is it mine or yours?

    In today's social globe, information travels much faster than what the author expected. While this brings in great reach for the author, within an organisation, this does not get any great degree of acceptance.

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    MRO M&E software implementation challenges - does one size fit all?

    M&E / MRO software caters to a variety of businesses from operators (scheduled carriers - ULCCs to full service, charters, specialty operations like SAR/ EMS/off-shore, and defense to name a few), to pure play MROs (heavy airframe, line maintenance, engine and complex assembly, small to large component shops) to any combination of the above. We will look at how software vendors like Ramco cater to the unique complexities and challenges faced by each type of business.

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    It's time for HR to wear a Marketing hat too!

    HR and Marketing in an organization have traditionally been addressing different stakeholders. If HR is internally focused in attracting, recruiting and retaining talent, Marketing has always been focused on attracting, onboarding and retaining customers. Though it looks eerily similar (except for the stakeholder), its Marketing that has been articulating the need for branding and therefore attracting investments to build and nurture the “customer” brand. With the emergence of ‘employer’...

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    Did we get the requirements right?

    It’s just another day at the office. You just finished gathering requirements for a project after hours of discussion with the customer. What next? Do you just go ahead with writing the Software Requirement Specification (SRS) based on these requirements?

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    Choosing a SaaS or Cloud alternative–Remember your basic checklist!

    Technology promises, and sometimes in all fairness arguably so, to decimate problems that crawl and pile up invisibly. Its now about the new and disruptive trend of Cloud Computing and ‘SaaS’ noise around it.

    From big ERP vendors to granular, vertically-niche start-ups, everyone is trying to add a strong off-premise proposition to their baskets. Some of them have managed to figure out this next-generation force and some are still trying to understand cloud services. Even, folks in HCM arena...

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    Quality Processes in Civil Aviation

    In this age of globalization, there has been an ever increasing demand from all quarters to explore every corner of the world. To make the ends meet, air travel has emerged as the most vital and efficient means, both in terms of the distance and time. Consequently, the world has seen a rapid surge in the sphere of aviation arena during the last century, right from the documented first flight of the Wright brothers.

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    Where is the VOID in you?

    Are you running just for the sake of running?

    Every day in life everybody runs, there is a difference between “who runs to win the race” and who runs for the sake of running.

    Is there a void within me? This may be the prominent question in the minds of many others who are managing operations in an IT/ ITeS/BPO company…

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    Life-Limited Parts within Aircraft Assemblies

    The Aircraft Maintenance Engineer carries out routine line check inspection and finds that the nose landing gear strut on the Aircraft is leaking. He verifies if the leak is within limits. The leak unfortunately is more than the limit stated in the Aircraft Maintenance Manual (AMM). He carries out the Nose Landing Gear strut replacement after grounding the aircraft before the next flight. The NLG strut is replaced with another strut with approximately the same total cycles and time. On the...

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    Exception Handling-A must for HR system:

    Do you think exception handling is necessary for a HR system? What does exception handling mean? Put in simple words, it is a mechanism to override the normal flow of execution. Each and every organization feels they need to have a system in place which is capable of handling exceptions. Exceptions vary based on the business needs of a organization.

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    Resource Optimization – The key factor for improving profitability

    “Optimization”, in simple terms is “making the best of everything”. In fact, in our daily lives we have an innate tendency to keep optimizing, for example, the way we choose to go to work. We try to avoid routes prone to traffic jams, we choose the fastest and the most cost effective way to reach our destination. From a business perspective, it is making the most effective use of a situation or a resource, specifically management of time so as to optimize productivity. However it goes, the...

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