Are Wearable Devices the solution towards a Connected Aviation IT World?

    While mobility has been hogging Ramco’s innovation spotlight over the last year, now Ramco’s R&D has been turning on an innovation that is beyond the imagination of the Aviation IT world – rolling out IT solutions on wearable devices.

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    System Modernization

    Business growth and contemporary aviation operation where older system can no longer meet the requirements with increased cost, risk and nonalignment with modern regulatory compliances, goes obsolete, giving way for inevitable system modernization. It comes in the form of Migration to newer version, Redevelopment of legacy system or Replacement with a more capable system.

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    Leveraging Power by Hour (PBH) agreements for better operational efficiencies

    Aviation Industry is focusing on cost cutting across the board, the major being Fuel, Operations, Maintenance, and Inventory costs. One of the proven ways in the industry for minimizing inventory costs is through Power by Hour (PBH) agreements.

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    Managing in the new society

    As the employees become more connected, informed and decisive, it is not only changing the fabric of the organizations, long used to antiquated Industrial era method of managing employees but also the turning the entire society upside down.

    The question just about everyone is facing, is not about managing the new age worker but about, Quote Un-Quote, “Managing in the next society”.

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    Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) for Heli-Operators: Unexplored

    Electronic Flight Bag in short referred as EFB remains unexplored by many Heli-Operators believing that it benefits widely fixed wings and large aircraft operations. Helicopter operations unlike fixed wings involve more complexities in terms of Weight & Balance monitoring and quick Turn Around Time (TAT) especially for EMS and Offshore Passenger services. Helicopters operated under harsh / remote conditions leaves less time for the crew to manage on-board documents and perform crucial load...

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