Succession Planning is no longer a buzz word

    Shyaam Sunder No Comments Jul 28,2015 Ramco HCM Suite

    While discussing software enablement for the succession planning process, typical audience reaction can range from skepticism, to passivity to even a passionate denial of its need. Indeed the process is far more intricate than the rubric of contemporary IT. No Internet of ‘things’ in Succession Planning, which is usually a process used to identify people within the organization for positions…

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    Sourcing/Procurement - Social Collaboration

    Jaswin Sood Singh No Comments Jul 22,2015 Ramco ERP Suite

    In this post, I have made an attempt to present an ideation on the concept of using social media to run e-procurement related queries, campaigns and RFx's cycles. This thereby will render a channel of Sourcing Social Collaboration integrated with Enterprise ERP suites to fulfil all sourcing business function requirements. The below PDF connotes the feasibility to access and utilise professional social networks for facilitating Key sourcing procurement decision making.

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    Looking for someone twice as fast as Captain America to process your expenses?

    Vishwanathan K.A No Comments Jul 16,2015 Ramco HCM Suite

    67% of companies feel the need to outsource their payroll so that their time can be better spent focusing on strategies impacting business growth. Knowing the fact that one cannot afford errors in payroll calculation, why would companies want their payroll processes to be managed by someone else? A question to ponder over.

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    ERP Taxation now gets Multi country Flavor

    Asia Pacific is known for its history and culturally rich heritage. Post the World Wars, APAC has shown tremendous growth and proved itself as the emerging economic strength in Global business scenario. Most of the MNCs make it a priority to do business in this area and have set up regional hubs to make the best use out of the market. However, the biggest challenge or bottleneck these multinational organizations face are the complexities in the regional tax and regulatory systems. For example,...

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    Accelerating Efficient Airplane Utilization – Keep ‘em Flying

    “Decrease AOG and arrest revenue leakage” – That’s the strategy that has been driving investors in the aviation industry and airliners for years. Aircraft Utilization is the most significant measure of aircraft productivity. Aircraft Utilization is typically presented in block hours per day. ‘Block hours’ is the industry standard measure for aircraft utilization and ‘day’ refers to aircraft days assigned for service on air carrier routes.

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