Digital Workplace - The Harbinger of an Era of Changes from Gig Economy to Smart Machines

    With the entire humankind in the midst of a digital revolution, every minor to major aspect of life has gone digital - from entertainment to healthcare. With such disruptive changes happening all around us, can our workplaces be far behind? Yes, organizations are fast transforming into digital workplaces.

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    Moving into new horizons? Here’s what your HR should know about parental leave legislations

    admin No Comments Sep 15,2016

    There is almost a silent revolution happening across many countries of the world. Most countries are revisiting their parental leave legislations to ensure that parents get to spend as much time as possible with their infants without the fear of losing out on their organizational remuneration or scope for professional growth. From an organizational point of view, this transformation would mean implementing specific changes that ensure compliance with the amended legislations and planning to...

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    Command Center: The Grandmaster of Logistics Landscape

    The logistics landscape has evolved immensely over the years, yet the jagged road of uncertainty cripples its progress at every stage from warehousing to transportation. With infinite variables across stages, even one misstep leads to complete breakdown of the entire chain.

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