Six Disruptive Forces Shaping the Future of Logistics: Force 2- Risks and Business Continuity Plan (BCP) in Logistics

    Quickly reacting to new levels of supply chain risk essential to maintaining business operations  

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    Six Disruptive Forces Shaping the Future of Logistics: Force 1- Blockchain in Logistics

    David Rogers No Comments Nov 20,2017

    The world of logistics is changing rapidly. There are many forces that are emerging which would potentially disrupt the way logistics execution is done. I plan to put my thoughts on six such forces as a series of blogs starting with this first blog on “Blockchain”. Hope you enjoy reading them.

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    Ramco Part Anywhere - Peer to Peer Aviation Inventory Management

    The spare parts inventory management business is essential to the operational efficiency of an airline. Preventing an aircraft-on-ground (AOG) situation is the foremost priority for airlines, because, every minute that the aircraft is not flying, it incurs huge loses. Numerous solutions are now available to help reduce lead times and cost, but with growing competition and airlines wanting smaller inventories, the most critical strategy is to have the right part at the right time, while...

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    Things you should consider before implementing Multi-Country Payroll

    There is a world of choices available today for those businesses seeking to implement a multi-country payroll system. There are a multitude of factors to consider too. The choice is not that complex if a systematic thought process is applied.

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