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    Travel & Expense Submission Made Fun

    Has it ever happened that you have had to raise travel requests but do not know what travel class or hotel grade you are eligible for; or you receive a travel request for approval but are blind sighted because you do not know what the estimated costs are and don’t have the time to go web hunting for the estimated costs; have you ever raised an expense request for a trip and had to manually enter the expense items while raising the travel request!!! With Ramco’s HCM Suite you can kiss these...

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    Supporting Workforce Mobility

    Traditionally, a mobile workforce is defined as one that does not have a fixed place of work or one which moves between work locations and is linked to the company and its resources through virtual private networks, the Internet, and mobile networks. It was this set of people that initially necessitated workforce mobility support and although they were limited in number, the mobility support was usually optional.. It was limited in terms of the number of people to be supported, the numbers...

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    HR in Real Time

    Organizations today exist in an information age where everything happens NOW. The workforce of today has access to all kinds of information in real time. Whether an organization likes it or not, they no longer work in a closed eco system where they can restrict access to any kind of information. The workforce is connected to the outside world 24X7 through their hand held devices which are continuously fed social media updates, as a result of which they expect the same environment within their...

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