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    Where every minute Counts: Bots for AOG Recovery

    admin No Comments Oct 26,2016

    AOG events are straight forward, you can’t plan for the event and it is here to stay. Best is to plan for response. As AOG motto of united Airlines states ‘Five minutes makes the difference’ response needed is within minutes. Airlines’ AOG desk role is significant in the recovery. AOG which is primarily a maintenance event also triggers the cascading supply chain events such as sourcing, logistics, payments & even reverse logistics of unserviceable items.

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    Moving into new horizons? Here’s what your HR should know about parental leave legislations

    admin No Comments Sep 15,2016

    There is almost a silent revolution happening across many countries of the world. Most countries are revisiting their parental leave legislations to ensure that parents get to spend as much time as possible with their infants without the fear of losing out on their organizational remuneration or scope for professional growth. From an organizational point of view, this transformation would mean implementing specific changes that ensure compliance with the amended legislations and planning to...

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    Ask Boon Mei, the transport coordinator, about why he chose Ramco HCM

    Let's say hello to Boon Mei, a transport coordinator for a global logistics organization.

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    Ask Mary, the HR SPOC, about why she trusts Ramco HCM

    Meet Mary Ann, the HR SPOC of a large MNC.

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    Ayush Agrawal enlists RODE 2.0 benefits

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