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    20 Key Tips on Managing Business Costs

    Admin Kripaa No Comments Dec 04,2013 Best Practices, Others

    A business, be it large or small, cost management is the key for long-term growth and sustainability. If you think your expenses are running out of control, here are 20 useful tips:

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    10 Emerging Trends in ERP

    Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) isn’t a hyped concept anymore. It’s reality, and it’s here to stay. Knowing the emerging trends in ERP provides the opportunity to understand what one should do in their enterprise to achieve the desired results from an ERP implementation. So, what are the top 10 emerging trends in ERP?

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    10 Points to Remember When Getting Started With an ERP

    Installing an ERP system is easy; getting it to deliver the expected results is not. That’s where most ERP implementations fail. If you’re just getting started, here are a few useful tips to achieve the desired results:

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    Mobility on The Shop Floor

    As the world moves on day after day in every walk of life, an interesting phenomenon is settling itself into enterprise computing space as well. Mobile solutions are storming into enterprise application space. And it’s happening quickly as well.

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    T’way Flies with Ramco

    Admin Kripaa No Comments Mar 12,2013 Case Studies, Knowledge Bank

    What started out as Hansung Airlines, in Seoul, South Korea, back in early 2004 was reborn as T’way in 2010 under a new leadership team with a distinct vision. Since then, the carrier has received an incredible response. As the next step, the management had decided to have a strong backing on the IT front. And that is where Ramco stepped in with its Aviation Suite to meet the ERP needs of T’way.

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