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    Going Places

    Admin Kripaa No Comments Jan 29,2013 Newsroom, Events

    This past week has been quite a phenomenal one for us at Ramco, as we’ve been part of some major events worldwide. Right from Mumbai to Dubai, Ramco has successfully left its trail and we’ve been able to make a lasting impression on some of the industry’s biggest names!

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    Cloud Security Issues – A fading worry

    2013 is probably going to be the year in which a large proportion of users would board the Cloud ship. That being said, at the back of their minds many people have an ‘unreasonable’ fear of facing security issues with the technology. With the advancement in Cloud tech, there are very few real security threats present for the Cloud. There are ample reasons as to why people should stop doubting the Cloud. Most of the phobia regarding the cloud stems up from some confusion rather than an actual...

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    AWS Case Study - Ramco

    Admin Kripaa No Comments Jan 16,2013 Case Studies

    Ramco Systems specialize in providing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) services. Its clientele includes over 1,000 companies, from across 35 countries. With more than 150,000 users and 17 offices in various nations, Ramco had turned to Amazon Web Services (AWS) to solve its computing and server provision requirements. Over the years, Ramco has availed numerous services from AWS.

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    Metrics to Look for in the Cloud SLA

    Cloud technology has revolutionized IT solutions. And it’s nascent. As a result, a haphazard transition from traditional IT setup to Cloud may recoil undesirably. To protect yourself, you don’t need to know every little detail of how the technology works; understanding the Service Level Agreement (SLA) is your primary shield. Essentially SLA is a contract which defines the quality of service that shall be provided. What makes SLA an important part of the selection procedure is the need for...

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    Cloud Computing: Trends To Expect In 2013

    It started out as an experiment which only the large enterprises could afford, but now Cloud has become a realistic platform for even small and medium businesses. 2012 had been an eventful year for the Cloud, but with IT, it only gets better and bigger as time goes on.

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