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    What’s next with enterprise social networks?

    Enterprise and Social Media have reconciled successfully. The combination does not sound oxymoronic anymore. So, what’s next here? How would organizations really make use of (internal) social media?

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    Why should you move to Cloud?

    With the word Cloud buzzing all around the IT world, there would be few businesses which haven’t thought about moving to Cloud. However, for one reason or the other, there seems to be something that holds small and medium business back from making the switch. But, Cloud is undoubtedly, the next stage of IT evolution. So, why should you move to Cloud?

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    Impact of Cloud contact centre on Business

    With nearly all the customers desiring to talk to a helping agent for resolution of problems, having a call centre isn't an ‘optional’ facility anymore. Today’s contact centres are up against challenges which are common to many service-oriented businesses –demand for higher revenues, higher quality and need for lower turnaround times—all these, while keeping the checks low.IT and telecommunication technology provided the initial push, but now Cloud is stepping in to overhaul the way we look at...

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    Choosing Cloud-based website security services

    In the web, where everything is vulnerable to attack, no one desires to keep a website wide-open to attacks. Small and Medium Business (SMB) website owners invest quite a lot to attract quality traffic, but no one wants a malicious bot scanning your website for sensitive data or anything which can be used for spamming your customers. Hence, it is instructive to have an additional technology which filters the incoming traffic for your website. However, there was no easy way to set up such...

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    Managing Complexities of a Multi Country Payroll

    Large multinationals with presence in multiple countries often face the challenge of reducing their payroll processing costs. Since payroll is governed by the country statutory and industry regulations, it is important to ensure compliance to avoid any fallout arising out of inaccurate computation. Many companies have found to their horror that they have been underpaying the wages and overtime for years. Such issues not only jeopardize the company’s reputation but also put a huge strain on...

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