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    Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) for Heli-Operators: Unexplored

    Electronic Flight Bag in short referred as EFB remains unexplored by many Heli-Operators believing that it benefits widely fixed wings and large aircraft operations. Helicopter operations unlike fixed wings involve more complexities in terms of Weight & Balance monitoring and quick Turn Around Time (TAT) especially for EMS and Offshore Passenger services. Helicopters operated under harsh / remote conditions leaves less time for the crew to manage on-board documents and perform crucial load...

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    Integrated Aviation Maintenance System for Remote Operations

    Helicopter Operators are facing a huge challenge in managing their critical data, especially when their operations are spread across the world. Availability of right data at the right time becomes a critical factor for effective maintenance planning. Helicopter operations have been globalized to such an extent that its usage has spread to several areas where it is tough for any other medium of transportation to reach. For remote operations, data connectivity is the main resource requirement...

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