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    Transition from Smart System to Smart World & Next to Smart Sensor

    Let’s presume there were two worlds where one is the digital reflection of the other. The real world is dappled with sensors, whereas the digital world is an identical structural build of the software. Indeed, this is the vision of many foreign countries. The commendable fact is that the real and digital worlds are converging. The ingenious inventions of connected sensors, cameras, and ubiquitous wireless networks are the working proof of it.

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    When it Comes to Application Performance, User is Still God

    In today’s IT environment, every solution provider is gaga about their application and endeavors to vindicate its pre-eminence, omitting the performance of the application and expectations of the business. However, IT solution providers should distinctly comprehend that the key to meeting the business requirements still relies on the performance of the application. High performance applications yields customer satisfaction, productive employees and enhances revenue which in turn, ultimately...

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    Employees are Valuable Assets of an Organization and the Key to Success.

    In today’s competitive world, the key to success in any business relies on customer satisfaction. As a result, servicing customer needs has become a priority for many organizations. However they have failed to act upon the satisfaction of the employees, who are the internal customers of the firm. Can an organization service the needs of the clients/customers properly when they fail to satisfy the needs of the internal customers?

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    Issues hindering the impeccable administrating system of local government in India

    Apparently, local government is liable for and plays an imperative role in raising the living standards of the citizens. The governing skills of the government are one of the decisive factors determining the growth of the country. However, today’s local government is struggling with a series of issues which in turn affects the citizen’s life precariously. Predominantly, local government also known as LG, is confronting challenging issues in day to day life. This blog emphasizes on the issues...

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    Current Challenges and Issues Faced by the Local Governments (LG) and their Solutions

    Ashish Gupta No Comments Jan 22,2013 Ramco GRP Suite

    In today’s changing, competitive and customer centric environment, LGs are facing a host of challenges including service delivery , lack of finance, forming new partnerships, depletion of revenue, adopting of the international standard sets of performance measures , managing staff and rapidly involving & evolving technology and social economic demographics.

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