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    Streamline your Shop Execution - Part 2

    Airline operators rely on a vast, global, and ever-growing network of maintenance repair & overhaul organizations to keep their fleets operating safely and cost-effectively. The responsibility of striking the optimum balance between minimizing operating costs, maximizing fleet availability and assuring regulatory compliance is now shared by these organizations along with the airlines. MRO’s are under pressure to find innovative ways to improve value generating capabilities and manage the...

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    Streamline your Shop Execution

    In today’s fast growing Component Maintenance and Engine MRO industry, it has become complex to manage their operations due to technological advances, changing business needs, increased competition, increased safety standards and rising costs. An MRO repairing the parts of third party customer would focus more on “On-time delivery”, effective usage of man power, Tools and Equipment, whereas, an airline that has its own shops would focus on maximum availability of the components which will help...

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    Safety is always a predominant concern in aviation industry. All airlines keep an eye on their fleet to ensure that everything goes safe. Even though aircrafts are subjected to strict maintenance programs, flaws do persists in aviation. Various air accident episodes from past to present age, points to this.

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    Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) in Aircraft Maintenance

    Will you take your car to maintenance centers when you spotted minute oil seepage on it? Of course you can, but mostly you will wait for the next service due date. What if it is a major engine breakdown? You may have no options left with, but go for maintenance. This is because the severity and consequences of an engine breakdown is enormously higher than oil seepage from your car. But it can be seen that the occurrence of such catastrophic breakdown will be quite lower, maybe once in four...

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