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    An ERP Dilemma: Tailor Stitched OR Ready Made?

    Today, the market is flooded with numerous brands of ERP addressing different verticals of various industries. However, companies still feel the need to develop their own IT solutions tailored completely to their requirements rather than going for a standard solution. A parallel can be drawn in our daily lives to our dressing practices where we like to buy our clothes from a branded store or have them stitched from our local tailor. Indeed the local tailor may stitch the dress specifically...

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    The Future Of ERP: Mobility

    ERP was a revolutionary trend that companies have lapped over time. However providing services anywhere anytime, be it a social application like Whatsapp or a business driving application like ERP, has become a requirement in the modern world. Mobile ERP is all about accessing various services offered by any ERP software through a mobile device such as smartphones or tablets.

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