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    Is technology an enabler for HR?

    In the last decade, technology’s impact on the way the world lives, interacts and engages has changed every rule of the game. For industry, and HR, the impact is two-fold: If done right, technology’s ability to support scale and minimize risk is unmatched, potentially enabling CHROs to focus on key strategic areas as processes are enabled at the back end by technologies, now available on tap, as it were. Equally fundamental is the ability of technology to predict employee behaviour patterns and...

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    Seven Key HR Technology Trends To Watch Out In 2014 , Part-2

    Is your HR kit tech-proof, future-ready and emergency-friendly? Keep ticking

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    Key HR Technology Trends To Watch Out In 2014

    With the companies today publicly declaring that their employees are the most valuable assets and with the term Human Resources itself evolving into Human Capital these days, it is only evident that the way HR is managed is also changing. Considering the technological trends and the evolving HR department, there are a few trends to watch out for in this field during the year 2014.

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