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    SAAS is Becoming a Necessity rather than an Option

    For most organizations around the world, implementing SaaS based software services is becoming a necessity rather than an option. Enterprise CTO’s have realized this it is high time they optimized their IT budgets and leverage the cloud for greater security and latest updates in an ever-changing IT landscape. One of the biggest advantages of using SaaS is remote workers are compliant with the organization’s security policies.

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    User Interfaces that ‘click’ with the Users

    Gurjeev Singh Bagga No Comments Jul 19,2013 Ramco HCM Suite

    User Interfaces - What was thought of as a communication medium between the user and system has become a strategic differentiator between successful and unsuccessful applications or products or services.

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    Change of Paradigm for managing ‘Security’ in Multi-tenant Cloud Applications

    Gurjeev Singh Bagga No Comments Jan 23,2013 Ramco HCM Suite

    Defining "Who sees what" and "who does what" are the two important aspects of access control in any software application.

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