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    Top Five Inventory Priorities For Manufacturers

    Karthikeyan No Comments Jan 24,2014 ERP Know More, Others

    Managing inventory well is hard enough, but what makes it harder in the long run is the bottleneck caused by the absence of critical parameters. Here are the most important inventory metrics that manufacturers need to be aware of :

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    Top Signs Your Business Needs An ERP Solution

    As a business scales up and expands its scope of operations, the old workflows and processes are found insufficient to deal with the rising complexity. Although the most prominent causes for bottlenecks are resource constraints and poor strategy, another important factor hampering productivity in modern organizations is ineffective software solutions. Most of the legacy solutions serve a narrow purpose and easily approach breakdown when extensibility is asked of them. In such a scenario, it is...

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    Listen to your Employees to find New Ideas

    When you run a business, a time comes when you are eventually out of ideas. If you co-own a business, you would probably turn to your partner for more ideas. The more fresh brains you have at your disposal, the better you can handle the creative load. Imagine, having all of your employees thinking for the betterment of the business. It might seem a subtle idea, but employees are probably the best source for new ideas. They are closest to the work, and are better equipped to see new...

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    Business Intelligence doesn’t Guarantee Smart Business Decisions

    The true essence of Business Intelligence lies not in simply implementing the system, but ensuring that it works for your organization.

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    How Big Data will Transform HR Decisions

    For quite some time, the technological landscape has been sprinkled with the term ‘Big Data’. Throughout the year 2012, it had been a technological buzzword and the coming year would see new applications of Big Data. Among such futuristic visions of business, is the use of Big Data analytics in making HR decisions.

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