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    How Smart Stock Replenishment can enhance the efficiency of Aircraft Operators???

    Kiran Prakash No Comments May 12,2015 Ramco Aviation Suite

    Aviation industry being extremely capital-intensive, investment in inventory makes up for nearly one third of the capital of many aircraft operators. This makes the Stock Management process a sure opportunity area for enhanced competence and paybacks. Even a nominal decrease in inventory spending would lead to huge boost in unlocking capital. At the same time, aircraft operators have to grapple with ever-changing business scenarios to keep their aircraft on-air. Seasonal demand (based on...

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    User Documentation for Software Products - A “One Size Fits All” Approach????

    Business organizations are increasingly seeing the penetration of software products at their operational layers. With more advanced capabilities and automations being built in, business applications also bring with them a high level of complexities that are thrust on the users of the product.

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