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    Mobility Strategy for Next-Gen Aviation Enterprise

    Aviation industry has been constantly revolutionized for over a century resulting in the current air transport system. It is dominated by new operating models, innovative entrants which creates intense competitive pressure for legacy companies. The future success of the industry will be decided, in part, by its ability to harness new-age technologies to deliver desired customer experience while empowering employees and improving operational efficiencies. The timing is perfect, as new...

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    Life-Limited Parts within Aircraft Assemblies

    The Aircraft Maintenance Engineer carries out routine line check inspection and finds that the nose landing gear strut on the Aircraft is leaking. He verifies if the leak is within limits. The leak unfortunately is more than the limit stated in the Aircraft Maintenance Manual (AMM). He carries out the Nose Landing Gear strut replacement after grounding the aircraft before the next flight. The NLG strut is replaced with another strut with approximately the same total cycles and time. On the...

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