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    Calibrations Of Tools- Tracking Does Matter

    ‘Long long ago so long ago’would be the perfect way to start a blog when you talk about tools and its calibration. There is a perfect history on the efficiency of tools taking us back to initiation of Egyptian pyramid times. There has been a lot of portrays which depicts the usage of tools those days which were used to build structures that could withstand the time. Their practices followed were so proficient that the pyramids are still modern period masterpieces. These historic techniques...

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    Warranty Management- A Treasure Kept Untold

    Lekshman.N No Comments Dec 03,2013 Ramco Aviation Suite

    This is the year of snake in Chinese zodiac calendar and this has been so true for Aviation industry. In general aviation’s growth has been similar to the snake’s movement – moving forwards with a lot of lateral twists and turns. Because you never know which direction it’s going to head.

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