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    Trends Driving Progressive Change within the EPC industry

    Mahesh Venkatraman No Comments Nov 25,2015 Ramco ERP Suite

    The Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) industry has been continuously evolving over the last few decades as a result of tremendous changes happening in the business and technology areas of this industry. Technology has taken rapid strides but disruptive technologies such as cloud and mobility have necessitated complete transformation of this industry vertical. Business models have also been changing immensely over the years. In addition, emergence of new players and expansion of...

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    ERP for EPC: Square Pegs, Square Holes

    Whenever ink bleeds over a line, blood and sweat soon follow. Nodding already? Check this out

    EVERY genius architect was once just a kid with a box of crayons and a big sheet of paper. With the drawing teacher’s simple rule holding his fingers – never let your sun, cloud, hill, cottage, fish, crow, tree, boat cross the boundary.

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    Still Wondering About That Cloud Tattoo?

    Just because it’s in fashion and a young trend, does not mean you should jump and get that cool scar. Unless of course…….

    ERP on Cloud! That could have sounded as outrageous as torn jeans or wrinkled shirts or tangerine hair streaks. Such uber-stylish stuff is better left for experimentation of teens, is what you would have thought, and rightly so.

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