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    If Not Now, Then When?

    The administrative skill is one of the chief factors to accomplish success in any type of operations. When an inventive approach is required to administer even small scale operations successfully, imagine the level of intricacy with a large scale operation, say by the government, should set strategies to achieve the same. As a matter of fact, any ruling party of the local government will not venture on this aspect, as it is one of the decisive factors in determining the fate of one’s reign. The...

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    A Pen in a Keypad, When it’s Meant to be in a Pen Holder

    Meenakshi R No Comments Feb 19,2013 Best Practices, Others

    SQL developer, oracle developer, system analyst, business analyst, test engineer, network engineer, marketing engineer, human resource executive are some of the conventional job profiles in IT/ITES sector. In this pool of ubiquitous profiles, the descriptor “writer” sounds anomalous. We vaguely believe in, writers prevail solely in media field constituting publishing, editing, column writing and so on. So what is this odd man out doing in IT/ITES sector? And why is it indispensable to...

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