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    From IT to IoT in Aviation

    It is a well-known fact that Aviation, as an industry relies heavily on the availability of a constant stream of data that can empower intelligent decision making. Naturally, any technology that aids this, like Big data, RFIDs, SCADA etc is almost always welcomed immediately.

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    Taking Off From An IT Runway Instead Of Regular Tarmac – Leveraging Ramco's Leap Methodology

    Introduction to LEAN:

    Lean philosophy regards anything that doesn’t add value to a process or a product or that for which the customer is not willing to pay for, as waste and should be eliminated. The lean thinking had its beginning in the early 20th century from the works of Mr. Henry Ford, who integrated an entire production process to eliminate wastes. The lean thinking was further taken to a new level by Toyota who defined the Toyota Production System.

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    ERP Implementation Success Factors - 1

    Prajit K Jayarajan No Comments Jan 23,2014 ERP Know More, Others

    An ERP implementation is generally viewed as being complex and challenging and is perceived with a deep sense of apprehension. This is accentuated by the many articles, case studies and marketing headlines on ERP success stories (and failures!). On the contrary, there have not been too many pointers on what,the success factors really are and how an ERP success is really measured.

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    Must Have Project Management Skills!

    Prajit K Jayarajan No Comments Nov 26,2013 Best Practices, Others

    The role of a Project Manager comprises of balancing a project's schedule, budget and overall scope to meet its objectives. Project managers have to oversee the individual tasks right from beginning till the end of the project, so the ultimate success or failure depends mainly upon the project manager's competency.

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    Best Practices to Follow During Requirements Elicitation

    Prajit K Jayarajan No Comments Mar 27,2013 Best Practices, Others

    “You will be the on-site consultant for this project” are words that some cherish while others dread to hear. Nevertheless, for a Business Analyst, it is inevitable that sooner or later this opportunity presents itself. It is an accepted fact that today, the role of a Business Analyst has diversified to include, among other activities, document creation, facilitating meetings, approving plans, developing processes, building customer relations and even making lunch for the team.

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