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    Is Cloud Viable for Your Company?

    Is Cloud simply a Buzz Word, a hype that will run its course in a constant flux of technology innovations or a delivery framework that will deliver financial and strategic value to an enterprise? CIO’s today are often faced with this dilemma but there is no simple mathematical formula for them to measure the ROI of cloud adoption. CIO’s are left with a multitude of complex parameters to choose the quantum and timing of their cloud investments to deliver monetary and strategic returns.

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    Mobility in ERP

    Traditional ERP Applications have suffered from a lack of user engagement. ERP applications have for long been relegated to business back office usage and consequently suffered from underutilization. Some of the largest ERP deployments have failed with users complaining of severe usability issues. Industry experts will concur that lack of user acceptance in the lifecycle of an ERP solution is the single biggest deterrent to delivering value through an ERP.

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